PL Training for Master's Nats

Couldn’t post on old thread so started a new one…a lot has transpired since last post - 2 more major surgeries - Ulnar nerve decompression/transposition & Lumbar Laminectomy/decompression
So 3 major surgeries within a 9 month time frame doesn’t leave much time for making gains while training. Most of my time has been spent ‘rehabbing!’

My wife, Betty, just competed in the USAPL NJ State Champs, won her weight class in the Masters II and set 4 state records in doing so. My goal is to compete with her at next years(2012) Champs!
I am waiting for my doc to clear me for the next phase of activity 4 weeks post-op. I am biting at the bit because I feel good and am ready, willing, & able to move on to bigger and heavier ‘things’

My best to the old gang - HT, Barry, JimmyT, Colin, Harry, and all the rest of the regular posters on HT’s thread.
Mike, we are going to be able to compare scars once again…good luck with your ‘pre-habbing’ and subsequent surgery.

Awesome work on your wife’s part! What’s her weight class? Is she planning to go to Women’s Nats next year?

I traveled to Atlanta in April/May for Masters’ Nats this year to help my coach. It was a great meet with tremendous talent from participants as old as their 80s. Have you been before?

Good luck with the rehab. Three surgeries in nine months. Wow.

Art, love u man. betty luv u 2. The best to u guys. Doing a Bolton 16 week thing for my DL.