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PL Total or PR..


Here is the deal. For past 3 to 4 months I have finally found my groove for smart quality training which has made my numbers go up beyond expectations. I have never squatted above 425 in comp, hit a 401 bench at 45Lbs heavier than I am now and 570DL at 45Lbs heavier.

Squat, I failed half way up in training about 6 weeks ago for a 500Lb squat. Haven't maxed out since then. Really want to go balls out this meet

Bench, failed at 405 around same time and same scenario

DL, got a good 575.

Here is my question... I want a 1400Lb total but I also want to go balls out and hit or attempt 500Lb squat, 405 Bench and 600DL.

Here is what I was thinking...
Squat..open 80% =400-425, second 475, third 500

Bench..open 80%=300-320 depending upon how long pause is, 365 2nd 390-405 3rd

DL..open 80%=480 2nd 560 3rd balls out 580-600 but want to try 600.

Any advise would be appreciated because I bomb on each of my third attempts I still will hit 1400 but I am little leary about the DL second attempt because I never know how my body will feel after a long ass day of heavy lifting so my DL will be the unknown variable.

What do you guys think?


I'd say it's hard to predict your second and third DL attempts. If you happen to get your third on squat or bench, then you have a little more breathing room to be more cautious on your second DL while still going for your total. On the other hand, maybe you have a crap day and only get an opener on something, in which case your up against it in the DL just to get your total. I like your plan as a guideline, but be prepared to alter as needed.

Just my $.02


You really haven't given much concrete info other than the 575 dead. Knowing that you missed a 500 squat and a 405 bench doesn't help at all.

What are your best recent lifts at this bodyweight and when were they made?


OK good point. At the current body weight at last comp I hit 424/350/551 in January 2011. Since then, at the gym I have hit doubles and triples with these weights at the gym. Best gym lifts are 485/395/575 made about 6 weeks ago. since then I have been scaling back so not to over train and work on being explosives with submaximal weights with chains and bands.

My last session, 10 days ago, I hit the big 3 on the same day and used 50Lbs of chains for doubles with the following weights of:

Squat(50Lbs Chains)


Bench (50Lbs Chains)

275x1 Pause press
315x1 Pause press

DL (60Lbs Chains)



from Wendlers 5/3/1 for powerlifting
 Attempt 1: 85% of goal
 Attempt 2: 92.5% of goal
 Attempt 3: 100% of goal

not sure if it helps but he says that your opener should be pretty easy so that you can smash through the weight. He talks about if your opener has too much grind it can really screw with your moral and fuck your meet results.

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