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PL Strength Standard Charts

Men and women, tested and untested

Interestingly, there isn’t much difference between tested and untested, for one reason or another.

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Weights seem fairly light… definitely not what I thought.

Thanks very nice

I think gear helps with absolute strength more than relative strength. So yes it makes you stronger, but also bigger. I think that’s why they are close. Also, at the top end of tested there is some cheating.

World class total. Noice

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Surprise, surprise… Squat’s my relative weakness

I’m technically “master” for bench and deadlift. The “elite” deadlift is my goal by my birthday. Fingers crossed I’ll hit it.

70KG BENCH for 43KG WOMAN??? DRUG FREE??? I’d love to see that. I’ve been wanting a 60kg bench for a while now, but admittedly, I hadn’t been working hard at it so it’s my problem

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At the elite level, in that weight class, most of the women will be using a pretty big arch. I’ve not seen your bench but it probably leaves a lot of weight on the table purely through technique. That’s not to say it’s a better way to train, deliberately shortening the ROM, but it’s a better way to compete.

Yeah, I definitely don’t have a big one by any means