PL Singlet

Hey Ladies,

Sorry for asking when I know this has been gone over about a million times but I can’t find it…what singlet do you guys recommend? And how do I know what size to get? I don’t like to buy anything without trying it on, let alone a one-piece spandex number…


Not sure for women but I’m planning on getting this for my first meet:

From what I’ve read a lot of people use wrestling singlets and can be had for $20-50 depending on what you like. Amazon has quite a few.

Buying a singlet online sounds scary to me too, but I also need one. I’ll probably get the metal one from EFS as well.

I did find a site that does custom designs/colors for about the same price…hot pink is pretty tempting :slight_smile:

It seems most come small, med, large, etc and go by weight class. Spandex isn’t exactly forgiving, but its stretchy so fit shouldnt be too much of a problem.

Thanks for the replies…looks like with the weight classes I can at least come close…can’t say my interest isn’t piqued by the idea of a pink singlet! From which company is that?

I’m pretty sure this was the site that I came across before. They have all kinds of interesting prints and colors.

They go by measurements.