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PL Program for Fat Loss?


Hey guys,

After boxing 7+ hours per week for 2 years, and a sudden 2 years hiatus - I picked up powerlifting. I think I have been effectively lifting for 4 months. Started during the summer, but I just f*'ed up during the winter. Lack of boxing (which I was doing intensively, but suddenly stopped when entering College) made me quite a fat bastard. So did the pause from lifting. Okay.. eating probably also had something to do with it.

Normally I wouldn't care about bf% and just try to be as good as possible. But... oh my.. I really let myself go.

I've gained 41 inch (104cm) gut and 26% bf @ 196 lbs (= 89kg) for fuck's sake. I've only recently become 20yo, so this isn't a bright prospect for the future. I need to do some recompositioning.

I really need to pull myself together and make some drastic changes! I started doing this 'Leangains' program I found somewhere, which is basicly a 16/8 fast. I kind of like it (but this is just the 3rd day) because it enables me to go to sleep with a satisfied feeling instead of craving for food in the night.

However, I think need to complement this with a solid PL training program. To prevent strength losses while losing weight, and as a beginner perhaps even hit some PRs. I haven't really had a real program before - I would just focus on 3x a week full body workouts with the big 3 at 80%'ish. The 5/3/1 thing looks pretty interesting tbh.

All help will be appreciated!

PS: should I perhaps post this in the BB portion of the forum too?


If I'm not mistaken wendler has an assistance template in the 5/3/1 manual tailored to conditioning. I'd have to go have a read threw again though. Either way if you plan to follow 5/3/1 for the main lifts and focus your assistance exercises on fat loss and conditioning I think it could work very well for you.

I'm not the least bit of help in terms of the diet however.


I wasn't aware of that, thank you! Maybe a cheeky thing to ask - but I guess this conditioning plan is mostly based on walking?:stuck_out_tongue: I just read somewhere that W is a big walking fan. Which I think is a good thing btw.. since well, I remember walking my ass off as a kid!


Walking is used as recovery and a little bit of extra calorie burning, most of it is hill sprinting and prowler/sled pushing/pulling.

Your diet is more the problem then anything else though.


I decided to go -30% on maintenance at off days, and 0% at maintenance on training days. Maybe throw in a 24 hour fast now and then. But training while fasting will be a real bitch..


Not really. I train fasted often - mainly because I don't have time to always get food in me due to 16+ hour long work days.

You got fat, fix it. Stop worrying about how much it's going to suck. If you want to be around long-term there are going to be plenty of times where things suck.


Diet is 90% of it. Training is important but what your body looks like is a direct result of what you fuel it with. Train and eat correctly and you won't need to do cardio.



Dude start off by just cutting out all the garbage from your diet. No pop, candy, doritos, all that shit. Do this for two weeks and see what happens and then adjust accordingly. Diet is 90% of weight loss.

And training while fasted is like anything else. You get use to it the more you do it.