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PL/Oly Program Advice

i put together this program for powerlifting/olympic lifting, and i was wondering if its an ok split. I react to full-body workouts better than upper/lower spilts

Day 1
Clean and Press: 6x1
Deadlift variation: 6x2
Incline DB press: 3-4x10
Pull-ups: 4x8-10

Day 2
Hang clean: 4x2
Bench press: work up to heavy set of 3
Front squats: 3x3
Shrugs: 3x8

Day 3
Squats: work up to heavy set of 3
Hang snatch: 3x2
Split jerk: 4x2
Rows: 4x8

current stats
age: 15
height: 5’7
weight: 205

full squat: 335
deadlift: 365
bench: 255
clean and jerk: 205
snatch: 155

i think i’m gonna change it to 2 times a week looking like this

day 1
clean and jerks: 6-8x1
deadlift varation: 6x2
Bench varation: 5x3
vertiacal pull: 4x10

day 2
snatch: 6x2
squat varation: 5x3
overhead press varation: 3x3
horizantal pull: 4x10