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PL/O-Lifting Gym in Houston, TX


does anybody know of a good gym where this type of training is encouraged in Houston area?


I've heard costa's gym is PL friendly.



275 pound USAPL National Champion Tony Cardella trains there.



Van's in Baytown is P/L friendly.


where is costa's? Thanks for replaying!




thanks, where do you train? I wanted to find somebody to critique my deadlift form, because as of lately my hip is bothering me and i might be doing it wrong so if you could help drinks are on me!!!


I'm down in Galveston. I lift at the UTMB Fieldhouse.



Hanks in bellaire has some PL'ing equipment. Also the Houstonian has chains,bands,cambered bars and the whole nine, but you have to earn in the 7-figures to have a membership.


I trained at Van's for a couple months last year. Great place. Not a ton of powerlifters there, but the owner is/was one and is super friendly. Really cool about monthly dues too. Lots of days they have the dogs in the gym too. There was one hot female lifter with a great physique there that I used to drool over. Used to wear my HOT-ROX t-shirt sometimes when I trained but never got any comments.


I know, but all I do is deadlifts and overhead presses in my garage. So I was not going to join a gym (too weak):), but was rather trying to find someone to tell me am I dooing it right form-wise since my right hip is really giving me hell not to mention lower back and hamstrings. But I do appreciate all of your input. BTW I am new to this!


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Was she kinda thin with dark hair? Worked in the mornings?


Physical description sounds right. She was a MILF. I would see her in the early evening, she may have worked there in the mornings. I think she was some kind of career woman though.

Van's was a great place, I hadn't been training for a while before I went there, and it helped me get back on track.

And they have a stand up tanning booth!


I have a garage gym in league city, just south of Clear Lake. We train with a westside-ish template.

Have power rack, bands, chains, SSB, ghr, reverse hyper, 1200 lbs plates, 500lbs dumbells, 500lb tire, sled and some fat bald guys.

I think my e-mail is in my profile, if not PM me if you are interested.

I'll attach a pic if it works.


I can help you with your deadlifting technique. Where are you in Houston? I am in Bellaire.


Holy jeebus!

Of course I find this out after I leave Galveston.

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