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PL Meets in SC?


Anyone out there know of any meets in the Columbia, SC area? I'm schooling a bunch of boys on the finer art of Power lifting and would love to see them experience it first hand. I've been to all the big sites and no one has posted any meets the closest is Atlanta, which I'll probably do but it's hard to get a newbie motivated to travel 5 hours to the unknown.

Itchin' to lift


There will be an APF meet in Charleston on July 10th. The same people (in Charleston) want to do 4 a year. They did one back in March, and it went really well.

There are also the Skinny Man meets in Augusta. Small time, but a good place to get some lifts in. Google "Python Power League" and you'll get them.


Thanks, that is a huge help!


I think for more information PM me


Are there other meets?


Most U.S. PL meets are posted, several months in advance, in the back pages of Powerlifting-USA Magazine. I don't have a copy handy. (After I read mine, I give it to the gym kids.) Call 800-448-7693 to subscribe.


I competed at the SC meet in March that RickJames referred to. It was a very well run meet.


You gotta be kidding me Powerlifting USA is still in print? I thought for sure that would have been gone by now. Thanks coach I'll be calling that number.