PL Meet Results

This was my second meet and I faced some mental challenges in doing it. Overall it was a success and I am glad that I toughed it out because I learned a lot about myself and about the sport.

Squat -
315 opener - easy (4 lbs shy of PR)
336 - redlighted for depth
336 - same

Ted, my coach, was calling depth on all the lifts. We haven’t seen the video but he thought the 336 was one of the best squats he’s seen me do. The 3rd was just ugly. I got way out over my knees and somehow got the weight up, but it wasn’t anywhere near any white lights.

132 opener - easy
165 good (6 lb PR)
181 not today, thanks Ted for saving my face.

286 opener - easy
308 good (PR) got out in front but I stuck with it
325 miss - 1 inch from lockout! I just stood there holding it for what seemed like an eternity. Apparently the judge had waived me down several times but I was starting to black out so I didn’t even notice.

788 total (8lb PR)

It was a dual sanctioned meet. USPF/AAU. So the judging was interesting and a few people got screwed. That part of it was definately a learning experience. Plus I had a great time and got to lift 5 feet from the beach with a view of the ocean on every attempt.

Nice work-- glad to see you’re staying strong.

Getting redlighted is a pain in the ass, but a very real part of the sport. I know guys that have gone to nationals only to be triple redlighted on the first day of lifting.

Where was the meet? Santa Barbara?

Nice job!

Shame about the squat. But 3PR’s is pretty cool. Keep up the good work.

yes… the meet was in Santa Barbara and the view was beautiful. I’m not just talking about the landscaping.

not a bd job. anytime you can get a pr is a good day. are u going to be doing any of the venice meets in the following months? the push/pull is around the corner and there full meet is in sept. great job and keep it up!!!

Very nice. I hope to compete around the new year…I haven’t been to a meet yet but am going to go watch one this sat. in venice…

I am not going to be able to do any of the Venice meets. Which really sucks because Venice Beach is my favorite city in Cali. Oh well…my next meet will be Sept. 18th at my gym, Diablo Barbell in Concord,CA. Time to get ready. I wanna break some state records.

Excellent numbers, your strength is impressive.

Mike Mahler

way to go on setting some goals. keep the hard work up and lets see the new state records when you compete next.