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PL Meet Question

I am going to be in the state powerlifting high school meet here in Arkansas and i would like to make the 114-123 class, but at the moment i weigh 124. I havent found a cutting diet that isnt made for bodybuilders and i am afraid to lose strength for the meet, any suggestions. Btw my gym bests are
Bench 135 3x3
Powerclean 150x1
Parrallel Squat(isnt in the comp)240 3x3


Don’t know if this is sanctioned or not, but typically, 114 and 123 are seperate weight classes.

Is your current weight of 124 morning or evening weight? This can make a big difference. Come back with a morning weight (what you weight when you roll out of bed) and let us know specifically what you want to weigh.

What is the time interval on the weigh-in? In other words how soon before the meet must you weigh.

Somewhere back in antiquity, the Bulgarian olympic lifting team coaches and Fred Hatfield both came to the same conclusion. They both claim that, if you are training at a reasonably lean weight, you can only lose about 3.5% of it without losing any strength. (This assumed a weigh-in on the morning of the contest, and it works well for me and the people I’ve lifted with.) So what? Go for the 56 Kg/123# class, NOT the 52 Kg/115# class! If your powerlifting coach is also the high school wrestling coach, he may want you to starve yourself down to 52 kg: DON’T DO IT!!! Strength & Courage, Coach Joe

i have to agree with coach joe here…if your not going to be trying to break a record in some weight class it really dosent matter…espicially at your age…JUST GO TO THE MEET DO YOUR BEST AND HAVE SOME DAMN FUN…bm

Ahhh man, you guys stole my thunder…LOL.

I started to write the same message and then decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and see what his thought process was first, and find out if he is basing this on morning or daytime weight.

It will be interesting to hear back.