PL Meet on Long (Strong) iIsland

not sure if anyone else caught this on PL watch, but its March 15th, if all goes well im going to be there.

Sadly I’m going on a snowboarding trip (read heavy drinking with occasional snowboarding) the week before so im not going to be doing anything amazing but i would love to see some T-Nation love out there

On a different note can i just buy a wrestling singlet to compete in?

First meet im going to so i gotta figure out what to wear

Buy a powerlifting singlet cheaper and more sport specific (for the looks, it won’t add to your lifts) and look into getting a belt should that be something you don’t already own. Also don’t forget the high socks for deadlifting.

Simplicty should rule your first meet, depending on how it goes you can look into buying equipment afterwards (single ply suits are legal in the IPF/USAPL, squat/deadlift suit, bench shirt, knee and wrist wraps, deadlift shoes/slippers, squat shoes etc.) Don’t forget to reread the IPF rule book, there have been several rule changes in the past few years that you may want to review.

Best of luck.