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PL Meet on April 16, Routine Help


I hate to ask to be spoonfed like this, but here goes:

I just realized I have a powerlifting meet April 16th. This gives me about 8-9 weeks to get ready.

I'm thinking of doing something like this:

4 weeks-power phase (box squats, speed lifts, etc)
4 weeks-maximal strength phase
1 week-deload

The trouble is, I'm not sure how to set up each phase. I've only had one meet before, and I didn't do anything special to prep for it. (I just used wendler's 5/3/1) I'd like to set some big PR's this time around, so I want to get a bit more specific with my training.

I haven't had much time to lift until now because of wrestling (I am in high school, I'm 18). This saturday should be my last tournament of the season, and I'm going to give myself a week off to let myself heal up a bit.

Any and all help is extremely appreciated!

EDIT: Thanks to whichever mod/admin changed the title!


If it is only your second meet, I doubt you are advanced enough to worry about a peaking cycle..

That being said, why not just train westside style and build speed and maximal strength at the same time?

I considered a similar setup to what you did, and I also have a meet april 16th, and just had one this past weekend.

My suggestion to you is to set up 4 training days per week.

For example

Sunday: M.E. Squats/ Speed pulls after, then some assistance

Tuesday: Speed bench and assistance

Wed: Speed Squats and M.E. Deadlifts and assistance

Friday: M.E. Bench and assistance

or you could set it up where you have 3 days per week, one for each lift, start with speed work, then work up to a heavy single or double.

Either way works well, for raw or geared lifters.

Get your rep work and volume in with the assistance movements.


Don't worry about a peaking program yet, just set up a good general program, do it, deload before the meet, SFW at the meet, then train some more for the next one.


x50 billion. Dont over complicate shit.

Where is the meet at?


Mine or his? We both mentioned having one lol


If you're talking to me, the meet is in Des Moines, Iowa.


continue training as you are and don't switch now, after Des Moines, then consider changing up your routine. There will probably be some great lifters at that meet and perhaps ask some advice of some of them after the meet.