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PL Looking to Move Up a Weight Class


Ok I understand powerlifting has little do with how you look but, I do not just want to eat pizza and shit in order to get up a weight class. Right now I am sitting @ 228-232 pounds standing about 5'6" at about 16% maybe slightly higher but I am not a fat fuck by any means. I figured in order for this to happen I need to eat about 4000 calories aday. I know this seems low but, my metabolism has NEVER been very fast and can easily add weight if I am not careful. How ever I did the math but, nutrition has never been my strong point.

Figured since I am going to be shooting for 250lbs bodyweight at roughly the same leanness 15-17% I'd need about that many grams of protein. Half that in Fat so 120g and the rest in Carbohydrates equaling out to about 480g. This is what is throwing me off however. This just seems like this amount of carbs would make me a whale in a heart beat. But I can really afford to exchange much more protein in to the diet wallet speaking. Carbs are just much cheaper penny per gram speaking. But, am up for suggestions

Protein- 250g from 10 whole Eggs, 1.5 pounds of meat a day, Would like to add milk but, figure itll bloat me up insanely 1 serving whey. Rest will come from the carb sources.

Carbs- Rice, Pasta, Fruit, Corn Tortillas, and maybe a bagel here and there.

Fat- From Protein Sources and Olive Oil and Peanut Butter.

Any tips, bitches, or critiques.

I will be heavily assisted during this time period as I know 250 at 5'6" at any respectable fat level is a huge challenge. For those who care I am looking to make this jump as I feel I am going to be much more competitive at 242 espeacially in the Squat and Pull which are the only numbers I care for and even if needed to be I could do a huge water cut and make 220 as long as IVs are involved.


I don't reckon I could get 480g of carbs from rice, pasta etc. Go out and buy yourself a couple of boxes of sugary kids cereal.


Lol sounds like a Plan.


doesn't being a powerlifter give you carte blanche to eat dirrrrty all the time? All the PLs I know tear up the all-you-can-eats practically every day.

Embrace the fatness, feel the power. That's my advice.

Oh, and double all your doses too, just for good measure.


Lol it does but I don't want to just eat shit constantly and look even shittier. I like being strong and not being sloppy I am not ripped by any means but I enjoy not being gross when I take my shirt off. How ever I will be upping the dose for sure Yogi if you didn't all ready guess that. I can lay that as wel if you would like.


mate you're married and a powerlifter. If that isn't reason enough to let yourself go then I don't know what is!

Just kidding.

Yeah man, I'd love to hear your cycle. Start a thread in the subforum that must not be named.


Thread started Yogi. Lol being married is all the more reason to stay in shape. She luckily honestly says she doesn't like me being all cut up and much prefers the traps to my ears look and looking like a real life teddy bear. But I still prefer not to have a gross belly hanging over my belt.


not rocket science... just adjust as you go along. you already have a base.

It looks like you want about a 4:1 carb to fat ratio.
A lot of BBers suggest increasing 20-25 g of carbs/week or whenever weight gain ceases.
You're assisted, so you could probably get away with increasing daily carbs by 20g and daily fat by 4g each week.

If you don't think you can handle carbs like that, try bumping by more fat and less carbs. You could simplify it even more and cap out average carbs to around 100/day and just keep bumping up fat and/or periworkout carbs after that.

I guess the main message is to slowly add things in.

With fat in that amount, you may want to skip the PB and go for higher quality sources, I hear (I love PB too much). Also, Zraw has a bulking thread in the BBer forum.. may want to check it out.

Disclaimer: I've never gone on an all-out bulk... Did some recomp and a cut, that is all. Also, not a PLer. And my girl kept nagging me as i wrote this.


Yeah I'd suggest this. Out of all the macros, the 'quality' of carbs probably matters the least (I do think quality fat and protein sources matter). Plus most kids cereals have a bunch of micros added to them, so they aren't 'empty' of nutritious value.

You can knock out ~500g of carbs from rice, potatoes, pasta, cereal, and fruit pretty easy, with pop-tarts and gatorade if you really just don't have the stomach for it.


I agree with that Spidey, I think the whole "IIFYM" philosophy only really applies to carbs, and even then you should only eat the shitey ones pre/post workout


Something to consider about most cereals:
I have a friend that recently was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic in his early thirties. No-worry he has a handle on it and looks great; working hard in the gym. His oldest daughter (8) became interested in the blood sugar monitoring 'ritual'. She said she wanted to see what it was like.....they took her reading before breakfast and it was 92. She ate her bowl of cereal (sugar smacks) in milk and an hour later her reading was 191, two hours after eating it was 85. I don't think that's in the best interest of gaining weight or our health.



This just really means that he probably shouldn't eat cereal for 4-6 times a day. I'd say this information shows cereal as a really good idea around a workout.


Perhaps 'post workout'; otherwise I think it's short sighted to think frequent spiking is a good idea.