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PL jerks bar + ...2 guys?!





Mikhail Koklyaev is a gdamn animal


Damn, that was pretty cool. What a large critter.


Oh God I'm so relieved now that I've seen it. The title scared me.

Yet I clicked. Oh oh.


Holy shoulder stability batman



Of all the crazy weightlifter crazy Russian ones are my favorite.


Funny. I had the same thought.


Jerkin two men at once...


Someone should do one of those "in soviet russia barbell lifts you" type of posters


@ Daniel-San.

I know, right?!


too me a second to realize he was doing this from behind his neck. christ. my shoulders cried on the inside


those guys don't look like small guys either


I like how the one dude has a plate around his waist to make the weight even. That's a strong dude.


Dude you are right on top of the demotivational posters