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PL Hoodies...


Hey all

im looking for a good hoody for training - nothing too fancy, dont mind a branded make (Titan, inzer whatever) but must have a hoody so people stop asking me stuff/talking too me uninvited and i can be more in the "zone". I may come across as anti social here but i live near inbreds so need help.

Any recommendations?


Sucks when you get too big, doesn't it?


you may as well just tell everyone you fancy me. I dont mind.


Or forget your headphones one day! I thought people just didn't like me till I forgot headphones one day, then I could barely get through the workout. Not sure if people come to workout body or mouth. I have never forgot them again. Only person I talk to is myself, well mumbling "jack it up bitch" and stare and drip sweat on the floor.

How can you workout in a hoodie? I leave a puddle wearing a tank top and shorts, can't imagine how wet I would get in the hoodie, although maybe it incapsulates the sweat?


British people don't sweat, it's not proper.


cheeky bastards!! i sweat blood!

however it is cold near me. sob sob. Beanie hats are worn frequently.


They also extend their pinky when they lift.