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PL Gyms in Northern VA/ D.C.

I’m looking for any powerlifting type gyms/clubs/garages in the Northern Virginia/D.C. area. Does anybody have any suggestions?

Unfortunatly, no.

Where are you located though?

[quote]devilBASTARDdog wrote:
Unfortunatly, no.

Where are you located though? [/quote]

I’m wondering too. I’m in NW DC. WSC just doesn’t cut the mustard I’m afraid.

Meat is PL training at one he may know tough says he’s about to get kicked out. He seems to know many of the gyms When I was there I trained at home.

If he doesnt chime in drop a line in the westside/pl thread he’ll see it there

Best of luck,

Oh he’s looking for a partner or two that arent going to run from hard work as well. If I was there id be on it he’s one strong S.O.B.


Yeah, Phil, I’ve heard Meat trains in NoVa. If anyone is interested though, I train in the Gaithersburg, MD area out of Fatness First and the YMCA. Driving to NoVa 4 days a week on the beltway would make me homicidal…I bet you like it back in Kansas or Montana, huh? No assholes going 55 in the left lane blocking traffic while I’m trying to get to a T-Cell in fucking ARlington.

I train at Gold’s in manassas. the gym staff leave us alone. It’s pretty much a no frills gym. I’ve been told that we are going to get a deadlift platform soon. they are getting tired of hearing 700 lbs plus hitting the concrete floor. we use chalk with no problems.

also, there is a world’s gym in manassas that has some powerlifters in it.

I’ve been kicked out of all the other gyms in the area.


There was a Gold’s Gym in the Bailey’s Crossroads area that I worked out at occasionally. They had those multi-colored rubber covered Olympic lifting plates and some powerlifting stuff off in one corner. However, they kept it locked up. I wonder if they had a group who came in at scheduled times to do Olympics/Powerlifting or something? Maybe worth checking out if you’re a Gold’s member.

Also, Olympus Gym, right near Seven Corner’s was a good gym with a lot of bodybuilders and powerlifters who worked out there. They had quite a few squat racks and good floor space for DL’s and Olympics. I think they let people use chalk too. I was able to do all my Olympics there. Oh, yeah, they also had those thick, black rubber bumper plates too for Olympics.

I train mostly at the Gold’s in Tyson’s Corner. I wouldn’t call it a PL gym per say but there are a few PLers there, myself included. As long as you don’t slam the weights and aren’t super messy with the chalk they are okay about it, I work with them so I can do whatever I want. I also train at the Fitness First in Tyson’s, the manager there is a huge dude who trains for strength and some of the trainers there are strong. That gym doesn’t have a great deadlift platform though. Also I know AA trains up in Maryland and he is pretty hardcore. If you want more info let me know,

Where were you all at at year ago and the two years prior when I was ther bastards LOL