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PL Gyms in NB, Canada?


This is a long-shot here and I wouldn't be surprised if this thread never saw a reply. At the end of October, I will be moving to the Tide Head, New Brunswick and I am unable to find a powerlifting gym there.

Does anyone know of such a gym in the area? I'm not going to cry if there's not a GHR or reverse hyper. I just want to find good group of people with the same goals...and a place that isn't going to have a fit if I bring some damn chalk with me!



Hey, I don't know of any gyms up there but maybe you could try posting this on the CPU forums at
The people there seem very helpful

Not to hijack the thread, but I'm in Fredericton NB and in the same boat. Anybody know of any good gyms here?

Good luck,

PS: Clearly, I should also take my own advice


Why are you moving to the fiddlehead capital of the world? I think you'll be lucky to even find a gym anywhere near there.


I like fiddleheads? lol Actually, I do like them.

I am moving from a city with a population of almost 350,000 to a...village really of about 1149. Last year when I was visiting family, I did notice a few guys that you could tell trained. They have to be training somewhere. Maybe I'll just have to resort to walking up to a complete stranger and asking them where they train.


I'll do that, thanks for the link. Should I post something for you too while I'm there? lol (Kidding).

Thanks again.