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PL Gym in Stockholm, Sweden?

Hello All:

I moved to Stockholm last year and haven’t located any strength related gyms (powerlifting, etc.). Anybody know of any real gyms in Stockholm?

Welcome, MrX!

The only one I know of is Täby AK. http://taby-ak.se/

Balance is decently equipped, but the atmosphere could be improved and it’s expensive as hell.

Where in Stockholm do you live?

Thanks for the info, kakno!

I live on the northwest side of Stockholm; close to Hagaparken and Karolinska Institutet. I’ve been training at the i-form gym just north of S:t Eriksplan. They let me deadlift and use chalk but no real squat rack and poor bars make it less than ideal. Plus, I am hoping to get asssistance in my squat technique in particular. Have you trained at the gym in Täby? It would be about a 45 min bus/T-bana trip each way for me.

Sundbybergs Tyngdlygtningsklubb have a lot of good lifters: http://www.sundbybergstk.se/

Also, there’s a swedish forum named Kolozzeum where you can ask for help, I think you’ll get more answers there in this case. Don’t think I’m allowed to link it since they have a webshop, but you can find it easily with google (search for “kolozzeum forum”).

Haven’t tried it myself. And friskis at Karolinska Institutet is just awful.

STK sounds just about perfect, good advice, Matsa.