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PL-Friendly Gyms Near Ashland, KY/Huntington WVA?

I’m possibly going to relocate to Ashland Ky sometime in the early fall. Anybody know of powerlifting friendly gyms in the area. Ashland is near Huntington WVA and Ironton, OH. Thanks

Just the topic to get me to join this place…

Tri-State Rehab in Ashland is where I’ve lifted and they’re all cool with what I do. Not usually a lot of people to get in your way as it is primarily a physical therapy center. There are a few big guys who come in, some really small with the rest being phys. therapy patients. The rates are pretty good too I believe.

Another bonus is you’ll get access to the other centers in the area. There’s one in Huntington and Ironton. I haven’t been to them though.

Another option is the YMCA. I personally don’t prefer it, but if you need more equipment, that’s the place to go. Membership is a bit higher though.

Thanks man, I’ll check it out. I should be in Ashland next weekend for a look see. Thanks again.
All I really need is a squat rack and some free weights. How are they about chalk and such?

OP, I think you have bigger issues than finding a gym.

I’m pretty sure Ashland, KY is a dry county.

Ashland isn’t dry. No worries there. The gym seems to do great with chalk. Actually, one of the workers bought me a block of magnesium carbonate. I put it on for my top sets, make a big cloud, leave a little bit of dust in the floor and no one’s ever said a thing. There aren’t really any rules that they have posted other than re-racking your weights(Which is sometimes broken, of course) and no one under 16 on the equipment unless accompanied by a guardian.

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