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PL Friendly Gyms In MA


I know, I know, Elite Performance Sports. However, their hours are way too restrictive, and I can't afford 60 dollars a workout for private sessions. Anyone know of any others?


Can you be more specific on the location?

I know of a few.

The Bodyshop in Milford, MA
Golds Gym Milford, MA (my gym) is pretty good - chains, some bands, chalk allowed, separated from the treadmills.

Are you moving to MA or just going to be in the area?

PM me and we can chat more.



World's Gym in Brockton is great. They have everything you would need. Give us an idea of where you are looking


Northshore area, I live in Danvers which is about 20 miles north of Boston.


Have you checked out PPC East in Wilmington?


PPC and Total Performance Sports (in Everett, just north of Boston proper) are probably your best bets. Both very well equipped for PL and strongman (for some variety/gpp)



come on down to ppceast, real pl/strongman friendly. ask for billy


Golds Gym in Needham is a wikid good one, the people r chill and real good hours.


Strongman is right, the Golds in Milford is really good, also a Golds in Marlboro is not a bad spot.