PL Friendly Gyms in London, Ontario

Anyone know of any places in the London, Ontario area that are powerlifter/ strongman friendly? Or is anyone in the area have a garage gym going that would be looking for a training partner?


Scott Gilchrist

Have you looked up the London Powerlifting Club? Check out the contact info on:

Drop Terry Stinchcombe an email, he might be able to hook you up.

Thanks for the info.

I have seen their website before but never noticed where they train. I will drop Terry a line and see what comes of it.

Scott Gilchrist
Ontario, Canada

Actually there is a gym on Exeter Road that would be extremely PL freindly. It is very slow and a ton of room and the manager I beleive is a former powerlifter himself. I forget the full name Ultimate something Centre. I beleive the address is 500 - 600 Exeter Road. Just west of Wellington.