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PL Briefs Guide


hey guys, im getting ready to buy my first pair of briefs because i finally have the money and wanna get a decent idea of what gear feels like, so i figured i would start with briefs. I think ive decided on the titan centurion briefs, but i was wondering if you guys have any preferences as far as leg or no leg. also if you guys have briefs that you liked better for about the same price, please tell me. im not looking to jump into a pair of predators or anything yet, i just want something that i can get used to and that will also add some weight to my squat. any help is really appreciated!


My advice, dont piss away money on briefs with no leg, especially if you are going to be a multiply guy. Its like trying to piss up a rope. Pointless.



thanks man. i might be a multiply guy eventually, but im going to start with being single ply. i want to eventually get a squat suit, but i dont have the money right now so i figured maybe i could get a pair of briefs right now just to get used to the feel of gear because ive never used any kind of gear before.


I've got a Centurian from a few years ago suit that I wear straps DOWN 99% of the time. Titan's material will give you good STOPPING power, so if you are good at box squats you'll like these. Mine aren't super tight and I get about 75-80# out of them. They do bite the piss out of the hips / thighs and you will have bite marks. I also have some Metal Pro briefs- which are awesome.. easy to get on and still pretty tight. These will give good stopping power but give a bit of rebound. They do not bite and have not stretched much. probably getting about 100# out of them. I have an ACE suit that I wear straps down MOST times. This is the shit! They will stop your ass cold and pop you back up to boot.carryover is sick-suit is tight as F@wk tho but I can get it on myself after a couple of min.. The material has not stretched at all since I've got it and no bite marks. My bro in law has some Viking briefs and loves them. I know the Meta stuff is more expensive but In my opinion it is worth every penny due to the longevity of the product. But yeah, for what it costs the Titan stuff (with legs) is a good product also.

I would imagine that legless briefs would be like buying a sleeveless bench shirt.


I actually have a pair of double ply inzer power pants that I train in and I like them alot. They are semi-loose on me, they bite alot but they do give a little bit of rebound.
I just picked up a pair of metal pro briefs, they are extremely tight and they don't bite nearly as much as the inzers...I only have one session in the metals and at this moment in time (as crazy as this might sound) I'm still liking the Inzers a little better. I'm not sure if it's just I'm familiar with them or that I was expecting more from the metals or what...


hey also, does anybody have any experience with the inzer TRX? im a single ply lifter so im looking for my first suit and i was thinking about going with either a centurion or the TRX but I hear that the TRX has more rebound where the centurion has lots of stopping power. im looking for a little more rebound i think because i seem to always get stuck in the bottom of my squat. any help is appreciated!


"Stopping power" is a relative term. With respect to single ply, yes the Centurion is "stoppy." That being said, its not even close to being "stoppy' compared to the thicker multi-ply polys or canvas. I'm pretty sure you'd still be ok in the Centurion


If I were you, I would save my money and get a Titan Super Centurion if you are going to be single ply...

If you are set on picking up some briefs, then I have never used any briefs that are easier to use than preds, that being said, I get more carryover from centurion briefs than preds...

ACE and BOSS are where it is at as far as strong briefs... the only time I think preds would be better is under a canvas suit where you already have all the stop you need from the suit.


What fed do you want to lift in? Single ply? USPF? USAPL?

If USAPL, they don't allow briefs.
If USPF, they only allow legless briefs.

Just get a suit and wear it straps down.