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PL Article in Men's Health

I’m normally not one to plug Men’s Health, but there is a great read in the November issue about powerlifting. The 7 page spread turned out to be a real page turner.

It features some pics and quotes from the guys at Westside Barbell.

The spin about ‘obsession’. Obsessed with lifting more weight - YOU BET!

I agree, It was a pretty good read. I don’t really bash Men’s Health, because I personally think it is a pretty good magazine for its target audience, so I don’t like to see them grouped with all the other bodybuilding mags.

I think the article did a nice job of presenting powerlifting to an audience that either never knew or just don’t get it.

I agree… a very well-written article. I think it shows some of the good and the bad that comes with modern powerlifting. Everyone here should check it out. I’m sure we’ll get some negative as well as positive feedback from the crowd!

Just read it yesterday. Agreed that it was well-written and a good read. I like it when pieces of writing are balanced so that they are neither hagiographies nor muckraking. It talked about the camaraderie of the powerlifting community but also mentioned the injuries, to the author as well as others. And the image of long time powerlifters “not so much walk[ing] as much as waddling.” Was not a welcome one.

P.S. I’m not so sure that I buy the logic that years of pushing out against your belt will give you a distended stomach. Let’s say I spend 20 min on my ME exercises and 10 min on each of my DE exercises - a fair estimation. Even if I am pushing my belly out that ENTIRE time, thats only one hour out of the 168 during the week. And THATS going to give you a distended belly? I’m going to call bullsh-t on that one.

Agreed… I had never heard that one about the extended bellies… it’s probably just from eating too much!

[quote]kenmen wrote:
Agreed… I had never heard that one about the extended bellies… it’s probably just from eating too much![/quote]

Yeah, I agree totally. It’s what you eat. I’ve seen Tate’s ‘nutrition plan’ to have lifters add weight. It ain’t pretty.

You can do Westside and be trim, look at Jackass.

A couple things I noticed about the article - it said to do you DE workout 36 hours after your ME workout, but I always thought it was 72 hours (3 days.) Also the point about Dave Tate not being able to shoulder press the 55’s was out of context - I remember reading his logs at the time and he was coming off an injury. But good article nonetheless.

i just went to the magazine rack and looked up this article (i’m at the library). good stuff, i’m just a little bit dissappointed that there weren’t any good pictures of ‘Big Earl’