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PL Ab Work


Alright damn it! I've finally been shamed into doing some ab work to help with my squat. What do yall do?


Heavy oblique raises.
Rainbows or clocks.

Thats what I do.


Ab planks, leg raises and crunches.


Tons of these threads if you search.


Standing abdominal pull downs are recommended by many top power lifters when it comes to squat specific abdominal strength. I do them with a Spud Ab Strap. Worth every penny.


Pulldown abs. May as well do the best.


leg raises, standing ab pulldowns, weighted incline sit ups, russian twists.


For pulldown abs, what's your opinion on standing vs. Kneeling?


if your a powerlifter or some other strenght sport do them standing.


Pick a few movements that you can add weight to. Train them just like any other muscle group. If you can do more than 10 of them, it's time to up the weight. Try to break a weight or rep PR everytime you can.

My list includes:
Standing and Kneeling Cable Crunches
Standing Crunch w/Jump Stretch Bands (back against GHR)
Weighted Situps
Weighted Crunch over GHR
Weighted Russian Twists
Weighted Oblique Raise on 45 Degree Hyper.


How do you guys do pulldown abs?

I've only ever tried them once, and I found myself just using gravity to complete the lift. Wouldn't you need to have your feet strapped down to use a useful weight?


Keep your hips directly above your knees. Most people push their hips bacwards and it makes the movement far too easy. Focus on Crunching the weight down, and not simply folding at the waist.


I disagree with this.... I prefer feet and knees behind the hips with a slight forward lean. This is how I do em - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gU4VKgU-DWk Not me in the vid, but the guy doing them stole them directly off me.

Done like in the vid they're probably the best thing I've ever done for my core.


Sorry, I was talking about the kneeling variety, where the hips are behind the knees vs over the knees.


Standing ab pulldowns rule. Only ab movement that I really feel working besides db side bends.


Thanks guys. Did my first ab work in about 4 years today. I actually enjoyed it. One kinda funny on myself. I used the ropes (e.g. the way Hanley posted). I didn't realize it, but I had the knobs and my fist right on my carotid arteries. Pert near choked myself out the second set. I staggered a bit when I was done.