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PJ's Starting Strength Log


Hi, I've been a long-time "lifter", but haven't gotten the right form and technique down until recently. I am currently at the end of week 2 of Starting Strength.

Here are my stats:
Height: 5'8
Weight: 185

My old workouts so far...

Starting Strength: Workout 1:
Squat 295 lbs 3x5
Bench 260 3x5
Deadlift 330 1x5
Chinups Bodyweight 3x8

Veggie juice fasted on Sunday due to the ridiculous amount of junk and alcohol I was consuming for 2 weeks. Pre-workout: cup of green tea & 10 g BCAAs Post-workout: Serving of Surge Meals through the day: 1 lb of grass-fed ground beef, mixed veggies, 16 oz of chicken, handful of almonds, banana & appple.

Starting Strength: Workout 2:
Squat: 305 lbs 3x5
Overhead press: 135lbs 3x5
Power clean: 185 lbs 5x3
Pullups bodyweight: 3x6
Weight sit up: 45 lbs 3x5

Cut off food intake on after 1st workout at 9 pm, didn't eat till 9 pm the next day (tuesday). Had sashimi, turkey leg, chicken, veggies, and lots of almonds. Stopped eating at midnight, got 9 hrs of sleep and was late for work, but felt great sleeping more. That's one thing I need to work on. SLEEP! Affects me so much now at my age.

Pre-workout for today was 10 g BCAAs, 5 g leucine and a cup of green tea. Postworkout: 16 oz of whole milk, 3 tbps of Milo.

Anyone have any other good chocolate milk mixs? I figure I will try chocolate milk for awhile because my budget is tight after the wedding and Surge is mucho dinero. I think Ronnie Coleman uses Nesquik.


Put on a bit of mass due to this new program, but still feeling at a respectable body fat %. I've definitely gotten my eating under control and realize that it is ok to let go sometimes. Here are some updates from my workouts.

Starting Strength: Workout 3:
Squat 310 lbs 3x5
Bench 265 3x5
Deadlift 330 1x5
Chinups Bodyweight 3x8

Starting Strength: Workout 4:
Squat: 315 lbs 3x5
Overhead press: 140lbs 3x5
Power clean: 195 lbs 5x3
Pullups bodyweight: 3x7
Weight sit up: 45 lbs 3x5

Starting Strength: Workout 5:
Squat 325 lbs 3x5
Bench 270 3x5
Deadlift 340 1x5 (mixed grip)
Weighted Sit up: 45 lbs 3x10
Dips bodyweight: 3x10
Ab-whell rollout: 3x5

Having trouble holding onto the overhand grip in deadlift, but can move up in weight using a mixed grip. What should I do? Go lighter with the deadlifts using an overhand? Or keep improving but use a mixed grip?


You could pick up some lipotropic protein from LG sciences. They have like 70 servings for 30 bucks on elitefts. com...or bodybuilding . com may have it even cheaper.
I personally like that. Mix in some nesquick and a little olive oil and you have a good post workout shake.


great stuff. and good luck on your progress. but dont they already have a forum for training logs?


Unless you really want to focus on pulling with double overhand I'd personally mix my grip on any sets heavier than 315. Personal preference but if you can go up in weight with a mixed grip and you're pulling in the 300's, then I say go for it.


Bumping this thread to training logs.