Pizzagate News Here

Funny how the fake news can ignore this story:

Wow. What a rabbithole of a story. Human trafficking, pedophilia, satanism, pizza and the global elite. It would take a team of real investigators dedicated to this story to validate or disprove 1/4 of the wild accusations.

The censoring is the really odd part of the story. Reddit and 4chan are the absolute dregs of the internet, nearly anything goes. There’s whole youtube channels about bigfoot, Kennedy’s real killer etc… why would Google/facebook/reddit/4chan/Twitter/youtube all censor this conspiracy theory in particular? If the answer is “fake news” then scrub all conspiracy accusations.

Hell Twitter lets ISIS have accounts, but not crazy internet slueths… It’s an odd look.

Reading a book about research into the occult and magic by the CIA and KGB after WW2.

The Allies both captured occult research and artifacts when they overran NAZI Germany. So the US and USSR started seriously researching extra sensory perception/skrying etc… They didn’t want the other side of the cold war to gain the upper hand. Some very powerful people believed some very weird things.

Also, “spirit cooking” wish I never learned that phrase.