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Pizza Out All Night - Still Edible?


What say you? We cooked up a bunch of Tombstone pizzas, not everyone showed up, now we have three uneaten pepperoni pizzas and no room in the fridge. If they're left on the counter all night, can they be warmed up in the morning and eaten for breakfast?

I'm leaning towards 'yes', but I don't want to give anyone a cosmic case of diarrhea.


If you want to be safe than NO I think the max is like an hour or something.


Ever been to college? We always left the pizza boxes on the table, rolled out of bed in the a.m. and ate it for breakfast. We all lived.




Cool, thanks.


^^ Whoa!! are you in Indonesia? I'm in Taiwan and it's so hot and humid here with all kinds of bugs around that no, I would not eat that pizza.
In Winnipeg, where I'm from originally, you could do it, but not in Indonesia!


Dude, where I live it's rarely below 75 degrees at night and consistently 95-105 during the day. I leave pizza out for two days at a time and eat it. Does it appear to have affected me in an adverse way?


Warm beer and cold pizza. Breakfast of champions.


and homeless people.


Oo-kay, I guess I'm the only fatass that can finish a pie without leftovers.


Fixed for accuracy.

back to our regularly scheduled programming. Warm it up in a oven if your scared.




^Now I can go to sleep with a smile on my face...good night nurse!


Haha g'night


Technically the answer is 'Hell No', and re-heating it won't make a difference. I took a food managers course as part of some research I was doing for a project.

Practically, if you are young and hungry and willing to risk a few hours on the toilet, go ahead.

If you can find any way to cram them in the fridge, or the freezer, do so.


Ive eaten pizza like that so many times.. never had a problem


Could you elaborate on that? I mean it's basically baked dough, tomatoes and cheese. Which of these are supposed to rot over night in room temperature?

Which bacteria are breeding that would not get killed by reheating to over 100 degrees Celsius in the oven?


It's probably fine to eat, but since you asked:
The bacteria are on the food replicating and leaving various toxic waste products on your food pretty much from the time it leaves the oven. When you reheat it you'll kill most of the bacteria, but the toxins will be largely unaffected.


thats when theyre the best man! sometimes I order pizzas and sit them out until theyre cold then OMFG!!!!!

If youre going to eat something terrible like a pizza..especially frozen....go all in with the shit, brah.


Like he said, champions with tin foil on their heads so that the CIA can't activate the chip in their brains...