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Pituitary Tumor

Hey guys, been lurking in the forums for the past week looking at experiences, however, I would like to hear some more. I’ve been given injections/gels for the past two months by my GP. She referred me to an endo this Monday. Me being OCD I immediately start to think I have a pituitary tumor/growth. I noticed that I had gyno at a young age (around 13, now 30) and my sexual drive hasn’t really been the best for the past 10 years. Currently taking anti anxiety meds (buspar) and SSRI (lexapro) for OCD. I get migraines (tunnel vision, then headache) once every two weeks. So far the testosterone treatments have been working on the energy/sexual functioning.

Anyways, I’d like to hear from those who have pituitary tumors, mainly, did you get it removed? Why did you get it removed? As you can see, I’d much rather avoid surgery. I know I’m jumping the gun on this as I do not know to why my testosterone is low yet, however hearing your own personal experience I think will help ease my mind.

Unfortunately I do not have blood work numbers to show you other than I believe my testosterone was at 266 (on a scale of 348-1197) from my first test. Second test on treatment was about 10 points lower.

Thank you in advance!

Sorry I don’t usually post in the T-Replacement forum but I do want to add just in case you are not aware already that lexapro and buspar can both negatively impact your sex drive. Someone close to me is dealing with a similar issue. So I would maybe rule that out before thinking you have an issue with Low-T or your pituitary.

Thank you for the feedback. I understand that antidepressants aren’t the greatest for sex drive, however, My testosterone levels are below the spectrum. Once my doc put me on TRT. Sexual function was returned to normal. Main issue (sorry for the TMI) was getting/maintaining during sex. I always thought it was because of anxiety. I actually stumbled upon TRT after going in for a med check for the SSRI. I expressed my concerns to this doctor and she asked me if I had ever gotten my T-levels checked. I told her no, so she did the standard 2 blood tests and both came back lower than for that spectrum noted in the first post. So needless to say, I know that she should have sent me to an endo in the first place, but all I know is that it’s working. Thank you again for the reply! Keep em coming!

No sweat, best of luck finding your solution.

What was your prolactin level? If it gets in the 100s that’s indicative of a tumor.

They didn’t check it. Getting it checked Monday. I supposed I was just wondering what yalls experiences were regarding this.

Elevated prolactin itself can cause low T. A tumor is a more serious issue and it it a benign growth can be treated with medication often. That would be in the case of a prolactinoma. cabergoline is often prescribed in that case.

Is this the more common type of tumor (prolactinoma) that you have seen in low t cases?

If you have a growth, yes but elevated prolactin can be present without a tumor or growth. SSRIs and other meds can cause elevated prolactin and then low T.

Interesting, didn’t know SSRI could do that!

Yes I am also on Lexapro and have high prolactin. Mine is double the top range, but still, prolactin would be about 20x that if it were a growth normally with levels in the 100-200+

SSRI’s are more known for reducing E2 clearance in liver, increasing E2 that lowers LH/FSH and T.

If a prolactin secreting pituitary adinoma, it can be shrunk and managed with 0.5mg/week cabergoline. Surgery not required or desirable. Maybe this is an obsession.

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Post all of your labs with lab ranges. Do you have pre TRT LH/FSH?
Are you young or old?

LH/FSH from before TRT

Lexapro and prolactin

It’s not common and since your not a women you wouldn’t have gelatorhea, but still it’s side effect.

“Plasma prolactin concentration was not altered by either active treatment.”

I am not going to look at this in depth. Just thought that I would show that there are mixed signals in the publications. Part of the problem may be that some of these investigations do not look at long term effects.

I’m not surprised with a 15 person panel. The side affect of the drug affects about 2% of users from what I’ve read. I think that a lot of those 2% would find this forum. I’m only mentioning it because my doc thinks it may be my issue from a lack of other explanations. Thanks for the post and read!