Pituitary Failure

Hello Im new here. I was just diagnosed with a pituitary tumour and hypogonadism, and got my first shot of test propionate, administered in the thigh 100mg and i have pain from my mid thigh to below my knee. This is nothing like test ethanate, it feels horible i cant sleep, no apetite just a dirty feeling angry horrible experiance this is garbage.

I did a shit of test eth 300 mg over a month ago and it was an amazing transformation i went from having horrible joint and muscle pain, iritability, malaise etc to up and moving and productive. I need help and advice. I was very athletic in my twentys and thirtys and started losing muscle in my early fortys, ive been yelling at doctors for years and finnaly got a good one who listend and tested me my testosterone was in the 100s and after a trip to an endrochranologist and more test the diagnosis is a pituitary tumor,.

I just had more blood work done for cortisol levels etc. From what ive read i bet they find elevated cortisol my bones feel like there bathing in acid. I have inflimation but all the xrays i had done show my joint to he in fairly good condition so im hopefull. I allready know 100 mg aint gona cut it based on my test ethanate experiance.

Looking to get back in the gym starting next week and on the road to recovery… help i definatly want to be a before and after sucess story. No wife no kids no retirement and i lost a buissnes behind all of this. Willing to put in the work, needs guidance…

There is a lot of info here that you will find helpful, but its a lot of reading.


  • advice for new guys
    – basics that you need to understand or consider, lots of facts and links

  • thyroid basics - could be messed up by the tumor
    – check that you have been using iodized salt and/or vitamins that list iodine for a long term
    – check body temperatures

  • protocol for injections
    – inject twice a week
    – you may need anastrozole to control E2, take 1/2mg at time of injection
    – you may want hCG to preserve your testes and fertility
    – you can inject with #29 1/2" 0.5ml insulin needles, try SC on top of leg

Supposedly 1/5 americans have a pituitary tumor when they die. Its one of the least diagnosed maladies. Do you have any autoimmune conditions? I think you might be putting the cart before the horse with trt. Fixing pit/thyroid probs will likely fix your test issues.