Pituitary Damage

Hey yall, Im new to your forum here, but have been lifting “religiously” for about 2 years. By the way I mean no sacrilidge in using that term, I just say that as in I never skip, and tend if anything to way overtrain, rather than to slack. A little on the compulsive side.lol.

Well anyway, I am throwing up this post because of the presence of all the extreemly educated folks who run this place, as well as frequent it. See, I have been totally stuck for the longest time. Weight gains have been slow, no growth, joint troubles, etc.

Well, I figured it was the old classic, not enough food, and too much training, but finally, I went and had some hormone levels run.
It turns out that I have some kind of pituitary damage, or maube a tumor! I boxed for a long time, and rode bulls, so the possibility of head trauma having caused it is the endocrinologist’s suspicion.

I go in later this week for an MRI, to figure it out. Right now what they know for sure is that I have NO measurable adrenal, or GH response to an insulin tolerance test, even when they got my blood sugar down to 29. As another odd thing I felt great at 29, where most folks would be out of it, and at 150, after they “spiked” it, I feel like crap.

So for the time being, I have to take 20mg of hydrocortisone, cause apparently the total lack of the adrenal response can kill me!

I was just gonna ask if anyone has any experience, or study on this type of thing, and what the outlook might be. Docs, can tell ya if your gonna survive it, but Im after a little more from myself than survival, you know.

If you have a complete shutdown of the adrenal glands, then you have what is called Addison’s disease and yes it can be fatal if left untreated. Since the endocrinologist has deemed it necessary for you to be on hydrocortisone, it is more than likely that you will have to take it for life, depending on how damaged your adrenals truly have become.