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Pituitary Adenoma

After my latest blood tests

I did NMR and the diagnose is pituitary micro adenoma. it is not visibly very clear, but they say 90 percent is like that, around 6mm. I was at a neuro sergeon and he said surgery is out of question for this or any laser-radiation modern intervention.

The thing is I do not feel very well from the low testosterone and the high prolactine and I want to get things fixed, my prolactine and testosterone restored to normal. I will go to endocrinologist next week and I will go to additional examinations, NMRI and tests in Istanbul at beginning of April because they have better specialists and NMRI there. As I understand the treatment of this is with cabergoline that some people say have very unpleasant side effects, others are very happy.

I wanted to hear your oppinions also. Can taking these medications for few months/year/two fix my problem permanently or I need to take it all life? If it lowers the prolactine and stops the growth of the adenoma will this fix also the LH? Can I hope only from this treatment to get my testosterone fixed, or most probably I will need T replacement to have optimum levels?

My wife has an 8mm prolactinoma, Carbergoline lowered my wife’s prolactin from 3800 down to 700. She has tolerated the drug very well with no nasty side effects even at higher doses and it restored her hormone balance enough for her cycle to restart after 1 year of the the prolactin suppressing it, so it had an almost instant impact on her other hormone levels.

It can shrink the tumour in some cases but I would think you would be on it for life if you want to keep your prolactin down.

Something I’ve recently been made aware of is that high prolactin levels can cause insulin resistance/diabetes. If you are overweight it may be something to keep an eye on.

I’m overweight not too much but a bit and I must keep some exercise and food restrictions to keep myself in some kind of shape. But I’ve always been like that and I hate that. However they tested me and there are no indications for insulin resistance. I want to have good hormones but I do not like taking this medicine for life, I want to fix the problem permanently. The issue is they say all invasive itneractions event the newest technologies carry risks.

My wife’s endocrinologist is also of the opinion that surgical intervention is not the best coarse of treatment.

Have you discussed these latest targeted radiation beam interventions?