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Pittsburgh Pro Guest Posing



Here is a link to the top pros guest posing in Pittsburgh, I can't wait for this years olympia. It looks like Dexter has added some mass, and Kai is just a freak! His lower lats are unreal!!! They all look good. Good to see Big Ron out doing what he loves doing as well.


When is Kamali due?


Wasn't his last showing at the Atlantic City pro? What happened to Kamali?


I am not sure what he has done to his body but I can't see him placing well at any show. I know that the high food intake that is needed to achieve that kind of mass causes your stomach to bloat but his looks worse than most.


Holy jumping Jesus! Jay's waist, IMO, looks noticeably smaller. In the off-season even.


I also see that Kai was up to it again.


So what's still wrong with Wolf? (calves IMO) Besides that he's not a Weider boy. Come show time if Chad doesn't pull some "smart" move and kill Wolf's chances again, he should have a better placing than last year. Who knows whats will happen its going to be that good of a show.


It's hard to believe he is eating 1000g of carbs per day...I am pretty sure I would just be a round ball.

Kai's lower back when he is doing a head stand (or whatever he is up to) looks similar to a penis head...


I think Wolf's arms still dominate his back. I'm not a big fan of Wolf so that's a biased opinion.

Looking at Heath in the offseason I'd never guess that he'd look so good in comp shape (compared to the other guys, I mean).

Cutler is still a threat. I think people just think it's trendy to say he's washed up. His front double w/ vacuum looks great.


I don't know what is going on with Kamali but his physique has gone downhill...


His arms are shrinking as his waist grows


Kai is one weird guy but it looks like he has packed on allot of size since the Arnold.


I think Kai is just trying to stand out and bring something different..it must be working because he has a ton of media these days...I bet he feels silly as shit alot of the time...

Next thing you know people will be bringing backup dancers when they do their posing routines! He's probably going to bring that skinny actor DJ Quals to stand next to him for size contrast...

Thinking out of the box!


We are talking about back thickness correct? I'm a fan of his shape and size so I too am biased. Personally, if all the stars line up I see him ahead of Heath. He's taller, wider, and bigger PERIOD. Looking at Jay now, I wouldn't count him out either. Last years showing was his worst IMO come finals. Like I said before his waist is noticeably smaller in my book and its still the off-season.


I think that this years Olympia will be extremely hard to judge. You've got Dexter, Cutler, Kai, Heath, Wolf, Victor...if these guys all come in shape there is anything could happen.

Dexter looks like he has added some mass, Jays waist looks tighter, Kai seems to have added mass yet again, Wolf looks bigger than ever and is as wide as anyone up there...

It's getting exciting already



I want arms like that.


His vastus medialis has a split down it god damn.


His teardrop has a teardrop!


Kai, Dex and wolf looked the best IMO.

I'm with Bonez, Heath doesn't even look that great comparatively but when he diets down the difference becomes much more pronounced.


Kai and Dex are really going to bring it. From these pics I would put them ahead of the pack. Not saying that the game won't change, but fuck...

Good job to Jay for bringing the waist down. And Wolf is looking pretty darn good as well.