Hi Guys,
Have a really good friend in his 50s who had super low T, he asked his doctor hey can we do testosterone replacement? Doc said sure lets try it, had him doing 200mg every other week, no AI, etc… I told him to hold off, beg for adex and hcg and gave him links to lots of stuff including KSmans stickies to show his doc.

Well, follow up labs his test was 1200 and his estrogen was 305 I think, his balls hurt, his nipples hurt and are growing, he feels like crap. Doc says he has no idea how to control estrogen, friend says I told him about adex etc and here are papers explaining it.

A week later they call and cancel him as patient, the stickies were from a “bodybuilding site” so obviously you are doing illegal stuff too, that is why your estrogen is high.

Ugh…I am going to try to search, but he is in WV (yup we know the jokes), any chance anyone knows of a doctor in Morgantown, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, or DC area that he might be able to take his labs to and get the right monitoring and TRT protocol going?

For those of you who do not live in SoCa, I feel for you. I pretty much moved here for the doctors, of which the first 4 I went to all prescribed HRT right away after looking at labs east coast doctors in DC were looking at for 3 year and just kept giving me more medications and said I hormones were no good. Now I feel like a different man after 4 years on HRT!