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Pitiful FBI!!!!!!

Did you guys here about the guy we just released from the federal penn? This guys spent 30 years behind bars for nothing. They finally released J. Edgar Hoover’s documents and found out he let this guy rott in jail for 30 years knowing he was completely innocent. What happened was this “RAT” said he was involved in some Mafia shit and he led to the comviction of several Mob guys. J. Edgar knew he was lying about this guy but couldn’t do anything because if he let on he was lying about that he could have blown the case on the real bad guys. Some are saying we rename the J.Edgar Hoover building after this guy…Who by the way is still alive and has four kids and a wife he hasn’t seen without bars between them for that long.
So. My question is…What would you have done if you were J. Edgar? Let them all go, or lock them all up. One was innocent, the rest of them were murderers.