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Pitbull's Nutrition


1/2 Scoop Protein
1/3 C Oatmeal
1/8 C Quinoa
1/3 C Steel Cut Oats
1/3 C Bran
1/2 C Blueberries
3/4 Cup Egg Whites
3 Eggs
1 Banana
1/2 Pear

Lunch (2 hrs after Breakfast and 1.5 hrs before workout)

1.5 Cans Tuna
1 Apple
1/2 Pear

30 min Prior to Workout
1.5 scoops protein
1 scoop protein, 1 scoop gatorade
Postworkout (20min after)
1 scoop protein, 1 scoop gatorade

Postworkout Meal (45 min after workout)

8 Oz. Chicken
1/4 Cup Spinach
1 Cup Broccoli, Zucchini, Green and Red Peppers, Cucumber
2 tsp Olive Oil
1/3 C Oatmeal
1/8 C Quinoa
1/3 C Steel Cut Oats
1/3 C All Bran
1/4 C Blueberries
1/4 Cup Cottage Chz

Now all meals after this are spaced at 2.5 hrs


6 oz salmon
1/2 Cup Almonds, Walnuts, Cashews, Pecans
1 Cup Spinach
2 Cup Broccoli, Zucchini, Green and Red Peppers, Cucumber
2 tsp Olive Oil
2 Tbsp Flax Seed
1/4 Avocado


1.5 Cans Tuna
1TBSp Mustard
1/2 C Almonds, Walnuts, Cashews, Pecans
2 Tbsp Whole Flax Seed

Before Bed
6 0z of lean meat

4 Hours into Sleep
3 oz lean meat and 1/2 scoop protein

Aprox. Daily Total:
387.83 Carbs
5108.65 Cal

This is my nutrition for my workout days. I have the exact same order of meals each workout day but I may switch up my protein sources for my dinner, supper and before bed.

Right now I train full body three times a week, do sprint training twice and walk on an incline 1-2 times a week.

When I do sprint training. I have no quinoa with my breakfast and drop the banana, I also cut my post workout oatmeal mix in half and have a bigger salad. I also drop the protein I normally drink peri workout, and drop the gatorade mix for the day.

On my walking days/days off I drop the quinoa, banana, pear from breakfast. For lunch, dinner and supper I have meat and a salad with 1/8 avacado(lunch and dinner only), and a few nuts. I have only 1/2 scoop protein when I wake and no gatorade-protein throughout the day.

I have yet calculated my total intake of protein and fat throughout the day, but plan on doing so before the end of my next semester. That way I have an idea of what my macronutrient ratio is.

I currently sit at 170 lbs, 5’5", and 11% bf.

I am posting this for others to look at, offer advice, take question, as well as suggestions in modifying my diet as I change my goals.


That is nowhere near your listed carbs or calories. Why have 1/3 of this and another 1/8 of that? Not sure what you’re goals are, but that’s why you’re 170lbs. If you were eating 5,000cals a day, you’d be alot bigger. I think you’re over thinking things. Just eat, and don’t worry so much about the little shit as long as you’re getting protein and good overall calories.

[quote]WhiteFlash wrote:
That is nowhere near your listed carbs or calories. Why have 1/3 of this and another 1/8 of that? Not sure what you’re goals are, but that’s why you’re 170lbs. If you were eating 5,000cals a day, you’d be alot bigger. I think you’re over thinking things. Just eat, and don’t worry so much about the little shit as long as you’re getting protein and good overall calories.[/quote]

I have to disagree and say that my carb values and calories are on par with what I am eating. I get most of the data from the labels on the packages as well as using the USDA data base. I have my diet all on excel with the carb and calories breakdown for each item, the meals are all totaled, and I have a daily total as well.

I didn’t start my diet so complex. I started with just oatmeal as my complex carb in the morning, then added bran, then quinoa, etc. I have all of my diets on excel beginning in July 06 and have added various items as I have gone, updating my excel program aproximately once a month. I started at roughly 3200 calories and went up to 5200.

Perhaps another reason im only 170 lbs is the fact that I’m five feet five inches and 11% bf.

This diet is not confabulated. The complexity of it does not concern me.

The reason I feel I am not over-thinking things is the fact that I want to stay under 12% bf and have good knowledge of what I eat and how it effects my body composition.

This summer I plan on cutting down, aiming for 7%. Last summer I made it to 8.9. I believe it would be very difficult to get to 7% and/or stay under 12 if I were to take matters more lightly.

Thanks for your reply.

I echo the complexity comment. I know you say you don’t think it’s that complex, but let’s look at your breakfast for example:

[quote]1/2 Scoop Protein
1/3 C Oatmeal
1/8 C Quinoa
1/3 C Steel Cut Oats
1/3 C Bran
1/2 C Blueberries
3/4 Cup Egg Whites
3 Eggs
1 Banana
1/2 Pear [/quote]

Why have 1/3 cup Oatmeal, 1/3 C Steel cut Oats, 1/3 cup Bran instead of just 1 cup of Steel Cut oats? Wouldn’t that be simpler. On other days you could do 1 cup of bran. What did you hope to accomplish with such a specific breakdown like this? It looks like a recipe for failure to me, as you can’t possibly eat this OCD-like for very long. If you really can- more power to you but there still is no benefit at all.

I can’t comment on your macros as it would take me a week to count everything up based on the portion sizes you’ve done. How hard would it be to just make sure the fat and protein numbers were inputted into your excel file when you did the calories and carbs? Why would it take an entire semester?

Now for the real questions- how long have you been doing this specifically and what have your results been?

How long have you weighed 170?

What are your goals?

What specific kind of advice are you looking for?

It would be but I like the texture of this mix, plus the variety of complex carbs it has to offer, the fiber and protein.

This was done more so out of curiosity during my summer months off of school and has continued throughout the past semester. I hope to gain some insight into how changes in my diet can affect my body composition as well as performance. I would like to see good control over my physique and be able to be in the best shape and look as good as possible.

It wouldn’t. I will have the macronutrient break-down finished by April so I can diet down in May to my respective goal.

Since July 06, results have been good. I have been able to increase LBM while attempting to keep fat gain to a minimum. Prior to this I would eat anything I could, for example a nice big bowl of Lucky Charms in the middle of the nite. This is a good test of self control as well, and it works into other aspects of my life.

I have weighed 170 for aprox 1.5 months. I started at 148lbs 4 yrs ago and got up to 185lbs (naturally) at 15% bf within the first 2 yrs. Summer of 06 I dieted down to 148 again, maintained 85%ish of my strength. I went on a cycle during September and am currently tapering.

No need to emphasize the fact that I am not near my genetic potential and should avoid steroids; I don’t want to turn this into a philosophical discussion. If you are interested in this you may read my other posts.

My current goal is to maintain the majority of my gains from my cycle. Then to do a bit more bulking up by summer and lean down to 7%. I will definitely have more questions down the road regarding the nutrition plan that I am currently pondering.

The kind of advice that has been given is fine. Thus far, it seems that nutrition does not have to be as complex as it seems to be, or I make it out to be. I do not find it difficult to measure my oats, etc, but if there are others out there that have been able to maintain an ‘acceptable’ bf % while increasing LBM I would like to hear their thoughts.

I am interested in hearing from those who can bulk up and maintain a low % of bf and who can lean down to around the same goal I will be trying to achieve, regardless of whether they use or not.

I posted this to provide information to others, receive some feedback and knowledge, as well as a base where others may come back to when I do decide to diet down.


I agree looks Like a ton of work I mean my diet has a lot of variety as well but DAMN. But hell if you like it do it. IMO you have a VERY solid diet lots of good foods and well if its working stick to it.

Oh if you want to get more complex might look into adding cracked buckwheat to all those grains in general are lacking the amion lysein to make them completenand Buckwheat is again incomplete but is HIGH in lysein and combined with other grains makes a hell of a complete source and a damn good hot cereal. I keep it simple buy a bag of it and bag of oat bran mix in a big tub and scoop out of it.

The only one thing I couldnt/wouldnt do is the 1.5 cans of tuna If I crack that second can that S.O.B. is getting eatin LOL

bets of luck bro

Thanks Phil.

Hey no prob keep kicking ass and finding what works for YOU!!!


Definately one of the most comprehensive diet plans I’ve seen on this site. You know better than anyone what works for your body so if you can keep gaining while keeping your BF under control then all that effort has paid off.

I’ve got a question. Your diet is very comprehensive and border-line needlessly complex(definitely for some). But apparently you are managing it well, and seeing effects from it.

You’ve been on it for almost 6 months, and maintained a good level of consistency.

Did it take you a while to get into the swing of it? have you had many dietary missteps? do you take any measures to streamline the meal plans? do you treat other aspects of your life with this level of intricacy?

and lastly, have you ever felt a want to just… simplify things a bit or a lot?

It did. My diet and exercise plan is 4 years in the making. At first I could eat anything and my body composition was moving in the right direction. After about 1.5 years it started to change.

Around this time I didn’t like the direction my physique was going. I began to tailor my poor eating habits. I decided to eat healthier (what I thought was healthy at that time). I spent May and June doing tons of cardio. I would wake up, have some protein and jump on my bike for a 40min intense ride along the coast.

I alternated my cardio with weight training every second day, and on the days I would train some time I would come back to the gym and do more cardio. What a mistake this was. I lost a lot of fat, but also a ton of muscle and strength.

I got interested in drug use around this time and a friend pointed me in the direction of T-Nation. I shortly found out that this site was more than that; a plethora of knowledge. This is when my training really took off. Although I say that now, I’ll look back in a year and probably laugh at where I was…this always tends to happen.

Now that I ran on a bit I’ll get back on point - I started putting together a diet plan in the summer of 06. It was simple at first because I started with a few items of smaller proportions and built my diet up from there. I thought that it would be easier to determine how my diet affected me if I was to simply add items rather than remove them.

I decided this time forth to see if I could loose fat by simply weight training and little to no cardio. This time around I was able to preserve more muscle and a good proportion of strength. I am a fan of drug use, so this upcoming summer I plan on using a few compounds to help preserve my hard earned muscle tissue and strength.

It is very hard to diet down and preserve muscle. This is one reason I needed to post my nutrition. I would like to be able to preserve as much as I can without the use of drugs, and then go ahead and use the drugs anyway.

Learning what nutrition plan works for the individual is partly based on trial and error. In my ‘earlier’ training days I realized that I was eating way too many carbs and not nearly the right types of fat. Since I am relatively young I have plenty of time to learn from my mistakes and improve my physique. Also, the more I tend to read and learn the better I am at discovery the faults in my diet as well as means of improvement.

Or do you mean falling victim to cheating? If so, I plan when I am going to eat out or have a cheat meal. I may have one cheat meal every month. Over Christmas, for example, I had a cheat meal Christmas morning, Christmas evening and on the 29th when we had a big family outing.

I am fairly new at this. So far I have been keeping my protein intake at a high and consistent level. I shoot for roughly 40 grams of protein for each meal and have 7 meals(including the shakes) which potentially works out to 280 grams a day. I just started to decrease my carbs and calories today and reduced my carbs and calories by approximately 8%. This will be the first time I have actually decreased my caloric intake significantly since I started keeping track.

If I wanted to gain weight I would obviously bump up all of my macronutrients; if I wanted to loose weight I would want to decrease them (except maybe protein). I would also have to change the macronutrient ratio as well. I’m not sure what ratio works best for me, during what stages of training I’m in because 1) I haven’t bothered to determine this and 2) I’m still in the beginning stages of keeping a log.

So far, from my readings I have noticed that there are a lot of varying opinions about these ratios and that the individual must be taken into account. I wish it was simpler. We are all approximately 99% genetically identical to begin with, so there potentially is a lot of room for overlap and similarities between differing individuals. But I can not the fact that we have our individual differences.

During the summer I have a goal of reaching 7%bf. I have a plan so far to go into a state of ketosis or near there once I am under 10%. As I am new to this I will be asking some friends as well as posting questions here. I have used some tips from Berraridi, Thib, Lowery and others. The hardest part is the fact that I can eat and continue to eat. When I do restrict my calories I feel hungry for most part of the day and extremely hungry at nite. I recently purchased some ephedrine and caffeine and have been taking that for about a week. On a positive note I have noticed that it does curb my hunger therefore it may become of use during the summer months. The increase of stimulation of my nervous system has also been of benefit on lifting days, but seems to hinder me when I sprint. This will be a trial run because I plan on using it as an adjunct to my other ‘supplements’.

I am a student attending university therefore my days are quite set. I have regular routines and habits that I have developed over the years. I do my best to be organized. I also like to train and study at the same time(s) each day. I plan my workout routines in monthly and sometimes bimonthly blocks. I work at the university gym which provides me with short 3 hour shifts that are laid out for the entire 4 month semester. I also work as a research assistant for the university; this job allows me to create my own schedule. To others: this diet is not that complex. I hope others take the initiative to develop there own nutrition plans. If you build it from the base up I feel that this is an easy way to help simplify it and you can always make it more complex over time.

Yes, one day I will. I can eat and train like this because I am a student. As I mature, get a job, and start a family this will become ever so difficult. I can not imagine my wife, child and I sitting around and eating cans of salmon and tuna for dinner. I worked as a cook for a few years so I do have skill to make both nutritious and delicious meals. I wish it could be simpler, maybe it can. On the other hand, it is not that difficult considering I eat the same food day in and day out. It is very easy to get groceries when I know exactly what I have to buy. A difficult part is bringing this all to school with me; luckily I have a big backpack and a car. It is hard to simplify this since I am not yet satisfied with my performance or body comp.

If any one can give me some more feedback or suggestion I would appreciate it. If anyone has questions I’m willing to answer.

Thanks for the help thus far, even if no one reads this entire ‘piece of work’ I have gained something myself.