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Pitbull Strongman Equipment Contact Info?


I really want to order a set of Alan's economy farmers handles. I sent an email to him a week ago at pitbullk9@yahoo.com and haven't heard back. Does anyone know him, or does he visit the boards at all? I got $$ burning a hole in my pocket...

if someone knows him can you have him PM me on here?




He's always been to quick to respond in my experiences. Maybe something happened where he didn't get the email. Or maybe he is on vacation right now and away from computers. You might try emailing him again. He also occasionally posts on Marunde's board and he has a myspace account. SO you could even try one of those routes.


He is not always the fastest on communication, but is usually pretty good about getting back to people.

Alan does use Facebook and Myspace so you can find him on there and give that a try - there is a chance that your email may have ended up in a spam folder or was overlooked for some reason.


2 weeks ago I sent him a message through my wife's MySpace account and didn't hear anything for a week. Then I found the yahoo email address so I tried that. I guess I'll give him another day then try sending one from my work address in case my yahoo was blocked.

Thanks guys!



I purchased his economy farmers walks handles a few months back. Awsome qualiy and fast service. I did have to email him 3 x. Be paient.


Did he happen to tell you if he didn't get the first 2 emails or was he just busy and finally got around to getting back to you? I don't want to annoy him and then not have him not sell me any but I would like to get them soon, or at least hear from him about something... I guess I'll hit him up a couple more times this week.




I just sent my 4th email to him. It's been 3 weeks since I initially contacted him and no response.


What type of email account do you have? Maybe your messages are going to spam.

Make the subject "Farmers Walk" and try not to mention buying or selling, just say something like "I am interested in a set of the economy farmers walk; please let me know if they are available" - perhaps your email is getting flagged for key words that make it sound like a sales email (buying/selling/price). Also try sending it plain text instead of HTML.

His equipment is good if you can eventually get a hold of him. Built solid and the price is right...

I will try to find a phone number for you in the meantime.


got an email from him today and the payment has already been sent. He said it will ship within 2 weeks of payment. I can't wait until these guys show up. I've also found a tire place here in town that I can get almost any size tire from for free, just need the time to get over there and pick one out.

Thanks for the help guys!



Alan kept to his word and they shipped exactly 2 weeks after I sent payment. I got them a couple days ago and they look great. Haven't had a chance to load them up yet, but I'll do that on Monday.