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Pistol Squats for Strength?

I’m do ing pistol squats and want to know ifsm spending too much time inn them or should I stick to hb squats. I weight 137 and I put a 75 pound weight on my shoulder and I do about 5 sets of 5 I’ve been doing this f for about a month and I’ve noticed that my legs have gotten bigger and more muscular. I ant to get too 600 pounds o in the squat and I want to know if I s should continue with what I’m doing or go to hb squats to reachmy goal?

so your legs are getting stronger, muscular, and larger… why are you even asking this question? If a 600lbs squat is your goal then obviously you need to be doing regular squats BUT obviously you are making great progress with the pistol squats so dont stop doing them just find a way to add them in as well as a regular squat.