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Pistachio Nut Fatty Acid Profile?

At my work, we have a lot of these pistachio nuts from Costco. Wanted to know what the fatty acid profile for these were. Good or bad to eat? Thanks.

Stella, I LOVE pistachio nuts – the crunch, the salty taste, the roasted/toasted flavor – (sigh). However, my problem with them is the fact that they’re roasted. Any EFA benefit you would get from a raw nut or seed is lost when it’s toasted.

I should’ve known. sigh I love Pistachio nuts, too. Oh well. wry grin

One of the best snacks around. Just chow down on them when you’re eating one of your “free meals”. Once you start, you can’t stop!

I agree with BodyIQ. When you love something so much, find a way to work it into your diet. Like all nuts, they’re calorie dense, (170 kCal per 1/4 cup), but there isn’t any reason you couldn’t enjoy them on a regular basis.

They’re just not a good food to snack on indiscriminantly. (grin)

Ooh, I’m soooo guilty of oversnacking on pistachios. :slight_smile:

I eat them as part of my P+F meals, subbing them with walnuts, cashews, sunflower seeds and almonds. Damn, I need variety and I wish I could get some more. I suppose you couldn’t get them unroasted- getting the shells open would be a workout in itself.

porkchop: I get raw, opened pistachios from Trader Joe’s.

Great stuff, however I would recommend the ones that are raw and unsalted. You can get a great one at trader joes for a reasonable price. Try Almond butter and walnuts as well.