Hey there T-Nation,

Ok, so most of you know, the majority of my strength training derived from Bowflex. Please no criticism, I heard it all - I know! I know it sucks!

Anyway, I have done pretty well and actually have built muscle with Bowflex. That?s not what I am pissed about. What I am pissed about is… recently I been phasing out Bowflex exercises for machines or free weights at a local gym.

Bowflex resistance does NOT transfer directly over to Free-weights!!! NOT IN THE LEAST! I heard yeah, it isn?t exact, so I figure maybe like 25-30% less weight to put on the free weights than I normally would…

Hahahah NOO. Not at all. Most exercises I had to cut my bowflex weight by half. I feel like a complete friggin wimp now and completely unstable in the gym.

My bicep curls are atrocious that?s the main thing. My legs hold up pretty well.

Needless to say Bowflex gives you a false sense of real strength. I think its good for beginners, but as soon as you hit them free weights - you’ll realize you’ve completely missed out on learning a lot of things. Like stabilizing the weight. 100% weight on negative/positive, vs. bowflex where its like 60% at the beginning and 100% supposedly at the end of your range.

Uggg… Anyway, had to vent. Now I got to figure out what to do in the gym - machines are easy to figure out. It?s adding in the free weight that?s completely new to me.


Start with all things dumbell. The stability should come along prety quickly.

Bowflexes are for people who want new innovative ways to hang their clothing.

[quote]Professor X wrote:
Bowflexes are for people who want new innovative ways to hang their clothing.

Wow, ProfX has graced me with his precense on my thread! I’d expect nothing less than a witty reply.

As right as you, you have to look at yourself then look at the average individual who knows jack about strength training. You dont know, what you dont know. So, for people like that, if getting a Bowflex sets you on a road to better health and training awareness… Why not?