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O.K., this morning I get my body fat % taken and they say it’s up to 17%. Two weeks ago it was 15%. I got on the T-Dawg diet right after the BF% assessement was taken two weeks ago becauase I want to lower BF percentage. Right now my goal is 12%. I’ve been incorporating in more cardio too. My workout routine really hasn’t changed except throwing in that extra cardio. I thought I was going to be atleast be the same BF% because I haven’t really seen that much of a difference. I ran a mile and a half about 6 hours before I was assessed. In between then I drank some grow and had a chicken salad. I drank 3 cups of coffee and a good amount of water right between I went to go see what my BF% was. I had been up for about 14 hours as well and probably needed some sleep. I’ve also been taking two servings of mag-10 for the last few days after I got off tribex and M. The two weeks prior when I got my body fat assessed I had been on a cycle of one serving of Mag-10. I haven’t been working out any harder than I was two weeks ago and I think that the extra Mag-10 might have something to do with this putting on extra BF. I’ve also been dropping weight on the scale. Alright, does anybody know how increase could’ve happened? I know I’ve only been on T-Dawg for two weeks but I definetely need a more secure workout routine. I have been on t-mag lately reading up but there’s so many routines that I’m hesitant to pick one. I’m thinkng about doing meltdown but I don’t really have any partners to push me. I’m just pissed. I need someone to help me man. Please. I’ve been in the gym alot lately because I find it’s a good way to help me stay clean. I know I sound really amateur and that’s becuase I am. I never had any strength coaches or anything because after junior high I became a party animal and didn’t give a fuck about anything except doing drugs, fucking, and fucking my life up. I’m 19 and on probation for drug charges and currently in an in outpatient seven-day-a-week rehab program. Hitting the gym has been helping me stay clean, break some old habits, and start some positive new ones. I love you guys and appreciate all the advice you’ve been giving me the past couple of months. I’m out.

It is impossible for MAG-10 by itself to add bodyfat. It is virtually non-caloric. Most likely, either your first or your last BF reading was off. Simple. What does the mirror tell you?

Well bro you came to the right place, congrats on making your life change for the better, thats really good and you should be really proud of yourself, now dont turn back just run with what you have now and never look back at that scene. On the topic of t-dawg, I have had the same problem, in the past you are either eating too many calories that ur body doesnt burn, or consuming too few cals and ur body is holding onto that fat, but since uve actuallyu gained bf percentage id say the first is probobly your problem. Since you didnt list your weight of the amount of cals ur consuming, I can only geuss, btw if you arent logging ur cals DO IT! go to fitday.com, it rocks. You can either cut ur cals or increase cardio but I think cutting cals is safer than massive amounts of cardio, becuase of muscle catabolism. Go with meltdown its awesome, but boys its a bitch! I gained eight pounds of muscle with no androgen and lost 5 lbs of fat in 5 weeks it works but prepare yourself. Too few cals could also be ur problem , I had been recently staying at my same weight consuming 2000 cals, and bumped them up to 3000 and started losing again, my weight is 240 btw so 2000 was way too few cals for me to cosuming use ur best judgement on what I said, or i can help you further if you give me more info…


I have to agree with pugs and tek. Follow their advice. I’ve seen TEK post many of times. He knows his shit. Keep up the good work and stay true. Peace.

First let me say, Good for you! It is not easy to turn your life around. Good work. Now most methods of measuring body fat are not exactly accurate. Most of them have a couple of perecentage points on inaccuracy. You could have been mis-measured both times!!! The first one putting your bodyfat too low and the second putting your bodyfat too high.
How are your strength levels? Are they increasing? Stick with the diet another week or so before changing it check for result visually. Then drop or add 100 calories as needed. Keep up the good work and Best of Luck.

If you are having your bodyfat taken with electrical impedance, there is a good chance that you will be higher after being on the t-dawg diet. When you go on the t-dawg, your glycogen stores will not be full, which causes the impedance to be higher, even though you may have less bodyfat. If you are using calipers, I don’t really know what to say.

First off, I just want to say thanks to TEK, pugs, way-2-fast, Older Lifter, and Brent for your words of wisdom and inspiration. I was feeling a bit down on myself but now I’m ready to start tearing it up. Thanks. Pugs, you’re right man, I was counting my calories at first, but I sort of got lazy and figured as long as I was eating the high-protein low-carb food I’d be alright. I’ll start counting my calories again. Brent, they have been using calipers. Are these bad or something? Electrical impedence sounds interesting. What is that? Are there any home methods of checking BF%. If so what are they called and where can I go get them? I just want to say thanks again to everyone who posted.

Electrical impedance sends a current (very low) through your body and measures the change in current flow. The result is based (I believe) on math formulas for current flow through the body. Calipers are based upon math formulas for under the skin fat. Either can be accurate; but most importantly, it is the change over time. In your case, I think you should be looking for the decrease. And don’t go on two measures: look for the trend-5 to 6 checks as well as a mirror. You can get miss measures (the person taking the measure has a hangover, had a fight, etc.). And if you can, hook-up with a training partner with similar goals…it can help. And read what is posted at this site. These folks, even when they disagree, know their shit.

Brent is exactly right on the elect. Imp. method of obtaining bf%. Also, this method gets less accurate the more lean you become. You can read about this fact on the web. Why is this so? Because most of the ei gadgets have been calibrated with the general populace in mind. Hence, athletes who are in far better or worse physical condition then the general populace, do not get an accurate read using ei. Lastly, I have found that fluid levels and skin temp GREATLY affect the readings I get with ei. I have stood their and rerun the ei machine 8 or more times and have gotten a different reading each time. Once, the variance was 3 whole % points.

Thanks for posting charlie and vortex. You’re information has been stored in my memory and I appreciate it. Today I found a work-out program that I’m going to go after. I’m really excited about it! It’s called, “The Creation of a T-Man” by John M. Berardi. You guys should check it out (if you haven’t already) and tell me what you think. It seems pretty demanding but that’s what I want. I’ve been searching for a couple of months for a program that I want to stick to and I think this is it. I’m going to give it a shot regardless of what anyone thinks about it. I can’t wait for what the calipers will read after my first four weeks of this program and the T-Dawg!