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Pissed Off

I need some place to vent my anger and possably receive some support. I can not lift at my schools rec center. There are so many people in there it takes at least 10 minutes to get any piece of equipment. On top of that there are always idiots doing curls and upright rows in the squat racks. People doing isolated curls on a bench. Now normaly i would tell them to get the hell off the bench or there would be some serious problems, but I now work at the strength center and am suppose to be nice and helpful to the people in there. Now this is such a big problem because it’s the only time of the day I can get in there and I can’t even get a good workout in. I mean how am I suppose to set up for a killer triset when I can’t even keep one piece of equipment unless I’m holding it. Anyone else workout in a place like this? What do you do to overcome it? Remember I can’t bust any heads or I could get fired.

You could ask the guy that runs the gym to make signs saying “The squat rack is for squatting only” or “The barbell bench press station is for barbell benching only.” Then, when you tell someone to stop doing silly bicep curls on the squat station you will just be doing your job.

Easy fix, quit and go to work at another gym. Try eating a lot of beans and shit before the gym. Then you can fart your self a nice little spot to work out in.

Yeah, good idea, nothing like a good shit before sweating your ass off! Also, make sure you ask (forcefully) to work in with them.

I have the same problem with my schools gym. It seems like the first few weeks back from winter break (because of new years resolutions) and two to three weeks before spring break the gym is packed all day with fat and/or skinny people who you can tell have never lifted before in their lives but are convinced they will look like a cover model in time for spring break. I do my best to go during off peak hours but even that doesnt work sometimes. Sorry I have no good advice I just wanted to vent too.

When i walk into the fitness center at my school, i immediately throw my stuff on what im about to use. Also ask them to move. Ive done it before. Ask how much theyve got left. If your pretty big and nasty looking they will move to get away from you. And when you lift try to look mean and scary. People will remember you and stay away from you next time. Haha

how about putting up a sign, “please use the rack for squatting only, please perform other excercises elsewhere.”, after all you work at the gym use your power for the betterment of others. this annoys me too, and when people don’t unload their fucking weights…get this, i was at the gym the other week, and i complained to another member about this, he seemed to agree, but then 5 minutes later the asshole left all of his weight on the squat rack, what a dick!

one technique that sometimes works to scare off the novices who dont know shit about training is to place a sweaty ass towel (I mean drenched) on the bench that you are using. This would really make them want to move on to another exercise or something. And since you work there, just have a clean towel handy and wipe the sweat off the bench so you’re not pissing anyone off. It usually works from what I’ve seen. Good luck.

Posting signs won’t do diddly. Hell most of the gym employees don’t follow rules and posted signs. Take a sign from Bill Pearl and Nasser-be polite- don’t feed the “bad sterotypes” concerning body builders. Acting nasty in the gym won’t help you with the women in the gym either.

All I can say is find a less crowded gym or train in off peek hours.
Good Luck


Yes school gyms are crowded and always will be. You have to go at the perfect time to get an optimal workout. Question 1) Do you live on campus. Step one look at other gyms. Look for deals. I payed $16 per month during college and it was worth the experience. Hard core lifters and the whole deal. I would also advise you to seek out a 2 week trial membership. They are relucatant to do this but explain your current situation and tell them that you do not want the same thing to happen at their gym. AND THEN go at the times you workout. WHy? Because all gyms are crowded at certain times.
BTW where do you live and I am sure some t-maggers will help you find a suitable gym

Well I have calmed down a little bit now, I wrote the original post right after I got done with a shortened workout. The problem is that I live on campus (UW-LaCrosse) and have no car to get me a gym. I’m part of powerlifting-bodybuilding club there but I work durring our lifting times. What luck huh! Well after reading some other posts about GVT I think I will give that a try and add to the problem, since everyone else in the place stays on one piece of equipment for half an hour I will too:) If you can’ beat 'em why not join 'em. That should work for about 4 weeks and that leaves only 2 weeks till schools out.