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Pissed Off

I’m feeling really pissed off today. I’d really like to get in a fight, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen…

I think I'm gonna tear it up at the gym today. I'm just pissed I can't go NOW. Anyone else like to go over the top at the gym when you're pissed?

Might ya be a wee bit irish… ha aha. Hell yeah it is in our blood.

I did the best bench session in my life two hours after trying to get a dead-beat dad (who loves his daughter “so much”, fucker) to take some modicum of responsibility of her life. The mom needed to take her LSAT that day (law school entrance exam) and she’d booked him to baby-sit two months in advance. The fucker (who lovers his daughter “so much”) tried to back out at the last minute. Fuck. The LSAT, the one chance his daughter has to have a well-to-do mom.

Easy Killer…we are not in the 4th grade anymore. Glad to hear that you are going to take it out in the gym. Plus chicks don’t dig guys who fight, remember that, inNew Jersey that +'s a Meat Head.

That’s why I bought a heavy bag. :wink:

I sure as hell do. I rarely get depressed or fall into a rut but today I did. When I went to the gym this morning I was able to take out all my anger and get my head back in the game.

it usually calms me down, really once you are in there and there’s a bunch of booties getting toned and what not, and its just you and some steel, what is there to be upset about? cept doods curling in a squat rack when you gots to squat, or when some guy comes near you and he reaks when you are in the middle of a tough set… must not breathe yet not pass out… argh

Just ask your honey to give you a nice blow job. That usually eliminates a lot of stress.

HELL YEAH! Best workout I ever had was when I went to the gym immediately after being turned down by my then girlfriend. I wanted to “knock off a piece” in the back of her Toyota 4Runner and she told me she wouldn’t because she had done her EX back there. I am getting pissed just thinking about it and that was four years ago, LOL. That was an awesome workout. Herc

Sometimes I think we should just hire women to fuck us over and piss us off on workout days. Nothing like a dumb bitch to fill us with a bit of rage to tear it up in the gym.

Ever get weird looks because it's obvious you're a pissed-off pumper? I was listening to Megadeth and going to town last night with curls, then beat the shit out of myself on a Precore. I usually keep it at around 130-140 strides per minute, but I cranked up the intensity and went at 180 for five minutes - I could barely walk when I was done. If you use 'em right, you'll get an awesome burn from those things..

Jack Dublin - May I quote you? If so, from now on whenever I see a scary chick I’m going to say, “Damn, she looks like she works on a dock.” It’s almost as good as George Carlin’s “I wouldn’t fuck her with a stolen dick.” Well played, sir, well played.

Sorry, last post was suupposed to be in response to what you wrote in the “F’in ex-girlfriend” thread.

Yeah…heavy bag training. Since I generally look forward to training, I’m not in a pissy mood before a workout. Uh uh, it’s time to focus and to let ANY type of “pissyness” dissipate before I lift a weight.