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Pissed Off on TRT?

Hey 33year old male on prescribed trt
So I’ve been on trt since February 150ml a week. Before covid everything was nice feeling good going to the gym working sleeping good too. Since covid i had to stay home no gym no work and last couple of months I’m just pissed off most of the time little things ticked me off… I guess maybe cause no gym? I still do bike 30 min a everyday but it’s not like weights… And in NYC gyms won’t open till late july :cry::cry:. Does anyone experience anything like that?

I’d say it’s a mutual feeling with most of us. Not being able to do normal things can make anyone pissed off. I also find that when I do not work out or get enough energy out this can contribute to the pissed of anger feeling.

Hi I’m just a year younger then you. I don’t run into too many people me lose to my age on here only every now and then.
I was wondering did a health issue lead you to taking TRT or did you start it for other purposes?

Mine I’m assuming was a health issue but I like to ask other people close to my age just to understand there story

If you’re not already doing so, get some micronized DHEA and supplement 25mg per day for starters. If you don’t feel better in a week, bump it up to 50mg.

If you still don’t feel better after that, then maybe you should consider some self help anger management (meditation is a good place to start). Some of us are just assholes, and when we have no outlet (like working out), the “nice guy” thing just becomes too much work internally. We just never really had to face ourselves with no distractions before, and then find out we really have no idea how to deal with our own feelings. TRT will amplify this if this is the case.

If none of these does the trick for you, then I would suggest backing your TRT dose down to around 125mg per week until the gyms open back up.

I have been hearing quite a bit of this. Many are out of their normal routine, diet, exercise, work environment and socially. They do not feel well and they’re not happy about it. You should probably change the title of your thread to: “Pissed Off on COVID-19”.

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