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Pissed Off & Need to Lose It!


Hey all...use to visit this site quite often, but things happend and I stopped coming on here. Anyways, so here's a breif on wtf happend.

I use to be uber overweight as a teenager. We're talking 310lbs @ 6ft tall. Im female btw. Then, right after high school I said to myself "fuck this shit" and stopped eating the Doritos, got my lazy ass of the couch and lost 140lbs. I was 170, really well built. I'll attach pic at the end. I ended up joining the military, my fitness levels fell dramatically (werid but I worked out way more and was actually able to watch what I ate...not so much the case in the military).

Anyways, I ended up sustaining a knee injury while in, and had to put working out on hold for a while. Well, I ended up re-injuring my knee 3 other times during subsequent training and I basically didn't work out for almost 2 years. I gained back almost all the weight (280 lbs now, was 170). Now, I'm fucking pissed off and need some sorta motivation/advice.

I recently discovered I have muscle atrophy in my right thigh because of my knee. Sucks...so, I'm really de-motivated by the fact I can't work out like I use to and need advice on how to suck it up. I guess I'm crying wolf. So...any advice? I dont know what I'm really looking for, maybe to vent, or some encouragement..couldnt tell ya.


just because you can't workout doesn't mean you have to gain weight. Do you have a decent understanding of nutrition and a desire to not be fat and the willpower to eat a piece of chicken instead of ice cream...every...single...night...?

if you don't have that willpower or that desire and you refuse to teach yourself those attributes...you won't lose weight.


Thanks tips...not here to be preached at about will power, remember I once lost 140lbs. I know all about will power...so if you dont have any actual words of advice or support keep it to yourself.


Take an hour walk and eat right. You will lose weight. Theres no magic solution.



You want motivation? Look in the mirror. You know you can do better than that. You've seen it. And it's all gone to waste. Get pissed off about it. Now start working fucking hard at it and you'll get results. If you can't run, try swimming. Can't squat? Do fucking push-ups.

You know there's no overnight miracle, so suck it up, make some changes, and do something about it.


you asked for advice. i gave you advice

the advice i gave you = fix your diet, it is obviously flawed if you gained 110lbs.


Hey now. Beginner thread. Even if the question is "asked and answered".

Still in the military?

Do you have a therapist or someone that can help you work on the knee? That would be important for, you know, general mobility and stuff. You can still throw down on some upper body workouts, I bet.... swimming?

But for anybody, the key to fat loss is diet, it's like 80% of the solution. In your case (based on knee and history) it may be about 95% of the solution.

Do you know the mechanics of trying to calculate a daily maintenance caloric level, figuring a reasonable deficit, and then building meals to hit that target? That can help if you're the analytical type.

If you're not, then just put the doritos down.

The most important thing to remember: it will work. You've even got your own proof, because you did it before. Come up with a plan, stick with it, and it will work, even though it may feel like it will take forever.

Also, if you want hugs and sunshine and care bears, check out the figure athlete forums.