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Pissed Off About New Fox Reality Series


Has anyone else heard about this new show that shows the average woman size 12 to 14. Are you kidding me, another decline in America for Fatmerica. Are we really trying to say this is what most women are supposed to look like?

I mean its only average because this is what they are pushing on us now. These people are only FAT because they are lazy and choose to do so. Or am I just being an asshole about this whole thing and should just keep my mouth shut.


You know what's worse than any reality show? Those poor schlubs who actually watch that shit. That's why I'll never buy a TV. /thread


I don't watch alot of reality shows but, something like this just makes me sick


Can somebody tell me. I'm usually pretty good with internet abbreviations and things, but what is /thread ??


Well, if most of the women in the country are fat, then it probably is the average size.

You don't have to watch it, nothing you can really do about it either. Life goes on, as usual.


HA god your so elite.

Let'em call it average, doesn't mean you have to go for them.


Acceptance of all. The Obama nation take from the rich give to the poor fat people. We r sooooo green and good natured but don't jump into Iran to help the helpless who r actually fighting for their freedom. Give condoms to Africa instead while we eat ourselves fat off the government that is bound to fail. IT IS ONLY A TV SHOW BUT IT JUST MAKES US AMERICANS LOOK PATHETIC


There's WAY too many other things that you should be pissed off about.

If not, then cheer the fuck up.


/thread means "end of thread". A poster may use this when he feels that the original post was rather pointless (since we have like 5 "we h8 fat people" threads already) and hopes to conclude it. That of course rarely happens...


Why should we accept this? Telling people its okay to be fat, its not okay.


Thank You.


If you're that passionate about this, then attempt to find a solution instead of complaining about it.




Class of 2009 strikes again.


FAT PEOPLE ARE OVERWEIGHHHTT!!!!!!!!!!! Dood im liek sooooo totally tir3d of fat people being overweight.


Ok, please tell me I"m missing something here. Cause from what has been posted, it sounds like everyone is freaking out because some TV show said that the average woman wears a size 12-14.

I don't see how this is new news. The "average American" has been overweight for as long as I can remember now. And, last I checked, normal clothing stores aren't exactly catering to these people(vanity sizing aside, which is also nothing new, btw)

I've worked for two different major retail stores over the past few years and they each have 4 or so clothing brands. One company tops out at a size 12 for women and rarely makes XLs, the other goes up to a massive size 14. These larger sizes always seem to be the last to sell, and we are rarely shipped more than one item that is an XL.


he might be trying to rally troops


The only person that's "freaking out" on this thread, is the OP.


Actually it says more than your post or anyone eles does, and it's a definate point I agree with.


What point? He didn't make one relevant to this conversation.

1) What the fuck does Obama have to do with any of this? I'm not exactly his biggest fan, but come on now, that's a straw man from the get go. This will distract some people from the rest of this rant and they won't notice the sincere lack of thought that went into it.

2) Obesity afflicts people of all socioeconomic standings, but of course, since we're jumping on the "OMGZORRZ OBAMA IZ LIKE TEH SOCIALIST" bandwagon here, let's make the wealthy (good, hardworking) people skinny and the poor (no good, slacking, welfare babies) fat. That way we can turn fat people into a politically polarizing issue as well as a socially polarizing one. Since we don't actually have an argument here, this is very important.

3) Oh boy! Foreign policy! Yeah, that totally has a TON to do with fat people. Let's throw that straw man in here too so we can further reinforce our initial assertion that Obama=Socialist=Hates rich (good, skinny) people=Likes poor (fat, bad) people)=Iran...wait...what were we talking about to begin with? Oh yeah, that's right, if you like freedom, then you have to hate fat people.

On an (un)related note, US interference in Iran is EXACTLY what the current regime there wants. Why do you think their state media was spreading rumors of US involvement in the riots? As soon as the US gets involved, the issue stops being about Iranians sorting out their affairs and becomes about Iranians trying to keep the US from sorting out their affairs. If you'd been paying attention for the last 35 years, you would realize that NOT getting involved in the current Iran situation is the best foreign policy move the US has made in years.

Back on topic...

4) What's wrong with giving condoms to Africa? Seems like that would fix a lot of their problems. Not only would it slow the spread of AIDS, but it might also eventually push the percentage of the population over the age of 16 back past the 30% mark. Oops, almost got caught up in one of those straw men again...we were talking about fat people, right? Oh, ok..yeah, I see where you were going with that...there aren't many of those in Africa. Totally relevant.

5) Our government is bound to fail? Not that this has ANYTHING to do with the thread, but the US has been a socialist (to some degree or another) society for the past 100 years. Of course, this is all Obama's fault...even though the Bush White House created the largest increase in social spending in US history with the Medicare Prescription Drug program. Wait a second...what does this have to do with fat people? Oh, I get it...socialized government=lazy people=fat people...wait...then why do all of those European nations who have socialized themselves to a FAR greater degree all have lower levels of obesity and disease?

Good job, but don't forget that we r americans an we r better than erybody else an all thos other counties bc WE R AMERICAN!