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Pissed, help me with diet!!!!!!!!

I’ve been eating beef and green vegetables, lifting intensely following a beginners Poliquin routing, and cant seem to lose any fat. Every day I wake up and look the same, my muscles are depleted (I only do a carb meal) but I still have the same amount of fat. I’ve been doing this for a while. I don’t drink diet soda’s, just water. I feel this diet is “natural”, the way people are meant to eat, but i’m still fat, what the fu**??? I’ve read all the books, all the studies, everyone is losing fat and getting healthy minus the carbs, adding fat. Not me though. I’ve been on this for some time, and if It were gonna work I would have noticed some change. I’m so pissed with these Keto-diets and other low carbs, I dont even look like I lift weights sometimes. I’m seriously considering something radically different, like a Body-For-Life type diet. Phillips wrote in an old MM2k about his favorite cutting strategy, using bw x 10. 1 g prot per lb bodyweight. Carbs each meal except the last and double carbs post-workout. Suppose he didnt add any fat, and as much as everyone hates him, he does have an awesome body. I say a b4 photo of him and he had a gut like me too, so there must be something to this type of diet, I cant figure it out the, seems lower carbs and higher fat should work. Any insight, or success with a diet that I mentioned? And btw, I’m not overeating nor starving myself.

What does a day’s sample diet look like? What is your weight/height/waist size? How much cardio do you do? How many cheat day’s/week on your diet?

how long have you been on this diet??? and dont say “a while.”

Most importantly, how many grams of protein per day are you taking in (should be at least 1 gram per pound of bodyweight). Also, what’s your total daily caloric intake? If either of these two aren’t high enough, you’ve found your answer.

Usually keep calories at 12xbw, I’ve gone lower and higher but neither helps. Started Lyles Ketodiet 2yrs ago, varied every few months to BodyOpus, recently did the Anabolic Diet again, (which i’ve done before) all for several months. Proteins been from 1g per lb to 2g per lb as Poliquin suggests. And each approach has been given a very fair try, well over a month in which some change should take place, often times much more than a month.

We still need to know what your diet is like…Everyone, for some reason or another has a “vague” idea of what a low-carb diet really is. In other words, probably not low-carb. For many to get results on a Keto diet, they need to go under 30g of carbs/day. One serving of most MRP’s and you are their. Are you doing any cardio? Everyone on this board thinks that strict diet and “hard training” replaces cardio. NOT TRUE. Some cardio is necessary as very few are that strict with their diets and even fewer train hard.

I have every BB’ing low carb diet, so I know to stay under 30g per day, and I count EVERYTHING, even the little steak sauce on beef if I use it. I am very meticulous about my diet, I can give u cals and grams, but I know how to figure this all out, and I’ve tried the various low carb variations.

Drop the calories until you start losing weight. It’s as easy as that. There is no reason to stay low carb or stick with any other particular macronutrient profile (except you do want to be getting adequate protein). Calories out - calories in = weight loss. This isn’t the answer you want to hear but it’s the only one that is going to work consistently and is based on sound science.

Mike is right. There’s nothing more to say.

You have slowed down your metabolism with too much emphasis on a keto diet. You need some carbs to kick start your system into hyper drive. You could also do it with some Cytomel, but then eventually you’d have to get off of them and you wouldn’t like that. My suggestion posted previously: #1 eat a low fat diet. #2 Add 3TB of flax oil daily. #3 Add 15 fish oil caps or equivelent (15g) of fish oil from salmon (approx. 4 oz)daily. #4 Get 20-30 grams of fiber daily. #5 drink a gallon or more of pure water daily. #6 Only eat carbs that are rated 50 or less on the glycemic index #7 No alcohol #8 after three weeks, eat a cheat meal every 5-7 days. #9 You can have wine or vodka in your cheat meal. #10 If you are getting leaner and doing well, you can have a cheat day instead of a cheat meal. I would get 12 calories per pound of total bodyweight, with 40% protein, 40% carbs and 20% fat. Don’t forget to count your 57g of fat from the above added fats. You’ll be getting at least 1 gram of protein per pound in that formula. If you weigh less than 200, your added fats will be higher than 20%, don’t worry, eat them anyway. Good luck.

I had the exact same experience as you with keto-style dieting. It used to work great for me a while ago, but now my metabolism has changed. Now I know I do better with a higher calorie intake without over emphasis on protein. This 2 gram/lb idea is a joke. All it’s doing is teaching your bodies to become very efficient at gluconeogenesis. Maybe not today, maybe not tommorrow, but at some point all that protein may just add a little pudge around your waist. For me it was a matter of upping calories and adding in cardio. This way my meta bolism gets three boosts: from increased calories, carbs, and cardio. Balance your nutrient profile, up calories, don’t get obssesive about protein, and add cardio. Give it a shot what have you got to lose?

If you are watching the carbs, then cardio. At least 3X/week, 20 minutes of interval training. Most on the board here, including T-Mag staff, don’t look approvingly on cardio. But the fact remains that most BBers get in around 2-3 hours/week when leaning out. “Juicing” or not.

Go to the back issues and find “The Diet Manifesto” by Chris Shugart. Read it all the way through. Think about it for a couple of days. Reread the article. THEN start a food log noting calories, carbs, and protein. After a few days reread that article and then make an 8 week commitment to a Diet style and stick with it for the full 8 weeks. I don’t want to be over dramatic but the information in that article really changed some things about my diet, since I went on a TDawg style diet Xmas day. Dumped 15 lbs in 8 weeks and kept pretty much all my strength. Until you really do keep the food log for a month or so u are bullshitting. I stopped after a month but there is a very strong carry over so that I am much more in tune with what I actually eat.

Guys, I think Pete sounds like he is very careful about keeping track of cals, carbs, fat etc… I get the sense he is not under or over-estimating any nutrients. The guy just doesn’t do well on diets that restrict carbs. It’s not as impossible as you think. Keto diets are not for everybody. End of story.

JJ, u got it right. I am about as anal as they come, I do keep track. I’ve read the diet manifesto many times, I have all the books and read them all time and time again, I’ve talked to Dr. Dipasquale on-line once. I’ve been to a Poliquin seminar. I think u’re right that some just dont respond well to a ketogenic diet. Thats the thing, I read all the research, the books, and It seems based on science that I should naturally lose fat. The one thing is I dont do cardio, I usually stick with Poliquins GBC program to try to dump fat, but I think I’m gonna get started with some interval training. I appreaciate all your suggestions. I’m gonna stick with 40 or 50% protein, 30 or 40% carbs and 20% fat added from fish oil caps. I think the protein comment is right on, too. When i attempted the 2g per lb. bodywight my muscles started shrinking, probably b/c of an increased effeciency using aminos as fuel (gluconeogenesis) I’ll stick with 1g per lb and see where it takes me. I’m thinking chicken and sweet potato’s most meals and protein powder w/ added carbs, 5 meals a day b/c I have school, tough to get 6 in now. Something like Body-For-Life but minus the lame-ass positive thinking exercises and crummy routine. I havent made progress in a while, might as well change it.

Dear Pete,

Sometimes you need to train smarter not harder. Like a great hair farming fat man once told me, “Your doing that wrong.” My advice to you would be to take a teaspoon of mayonaise for your fat, take all your carbs in as veggies, eat two sweet potatoes in the morning, no carbs after 6 pm and run four miles every morning. How do you like your lettuce, schvedded, how do you like your important documents schvedded, how did Andreas Munzer (may he rest in peace) like to live schvedded. First of all Pete I am BIG and second of all I would suggest drinking 3 XXLs each day. Late

Could be hormonal. Kinda doubt it, but you never know. I tend to go with Bodz, but you might have to modify it to fit your body. And start doing cardio!!!