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Pissed and Ranting


Two weeks ago I did a simple routine to increase my deadlift and bench while eating a little below maintenance.

Was never sore after a work out beyond the first one, but apparently I strained my abs pretty freakin bad.

Along with running my body rigid with the deadlift specialization I threw up nine times the weekend of the programs first week due to food poisoning, and then got a little cold/fever two days later, throwing up again.

These things combined, I guess, basically ripped my abs a new one.

Needless to say, putting forty pounds on my deadlift in two weeks and then having to stop for the past week and a half or two, plus been trying to lose weight for a while and gained it all back at college (my mistake on the portions given/not having a scale for a month. noticed no change in body comp for the worse, and got some definition.)

Idk. Haven't worked out in almost two weeks, wasn't that strong to begin with on my cut, now all the weight is back and then some (my fault), and idk when I'll actually be able to go heavy again (no doc appt. for at LEAST another two weeks.)

Not lookin for sympathy or anything, just more ranting. Losing strength + gotta eat below maintenance so I don't put on MORE weight during this time period.

Guess I'm just freakin out. A lot. lol.


It's not what happens to you. It's how you react.


Well I react fine, I'm doin light/active recovery and totally adjusted my portion sizes now that I'm aware. Just, ya know, a set back in diet AND weightlifting at the same time. Was taken aback, hahaha.

I mean, i did put fifty or sixty pounds on my deadlift in two weeks, so there's some positive, haha.


Some positive??? Don't get over excited.


lol wait, is that good? hahaha.


I think he was being sarcastic.


Stop trying to starve yourself, just limit your carbohydrate intake. Read up on low carb diets, there is a great thread about it on Something Awful, consider following something like that until you can get back in the gym.


@marrot: I thought that too, but couldn't tell where the sarcasm was aimed.

@esskay: Thanks for the tip! It's funny, i've been sort of doing that already.


what is this program which added 40 lbs to your deadlift on a calorie deficit?


Actually it was "fifty or sixty" pounds in two weeks... 40? Pschhhhhh! Lol

OP, I would be willing to bet that this has more to do with you becoming more familiar with the movement than it does with actual strength gain.


I THOUGHT I was eating at a deficit, I wasn't. Gained at least five pounds in the past three weeks, but I didn't have a scale so I had no clue, and my body comp. got better, so I thought I'd lost.

I was doing this;

Power Clean 5x3
Incline DB BP 4x10
Bicep Curls 3x10

Deadlift 5x1
DB BP 4x10

Power Clean went from 135 to 155
Deadlift went from 285 to 335 (on the 5x1)

And then I got sick and threw up so much it strained my abs. Haha.

Oh, btw, b4 anyone says anything, bicep curls are only for my elbows. (tendonitis). They help, so I do them :stuck_out_tongue:


I would say curls are the least of your programming issues.

BTW, a little off topic, but does anybody else ever read somebody's responses and feel like they come across like a completely sarcastic dick all the time as if giving advice is the last thing in the world they want to be doing (yet they continue to dispel advice on every post). JFG comes to mind..


Hahah don't worry about the programming, that was program was 1) just meant until there was a squat rack and 2)temporary to boost my deadlift.

Wanted it short sweet and simple. Looks like I got it. haha, on actual prof. made routines now.


He didn't ask a question or ask for advice. He had a lot of positive happen to him, yet chose to concentrate on the negative.

People can be told a million to "think positive", but it will never happen unless they learn the lesson.

Also, the words chosen are as important as the meaning. "some positive" is weak statement. He made grain gains. Build on that and learn from the negative. Not the other way around.

OP needs refinement. Not a complete overhaul.



Sorry if I came down as a complete downer, haha, the weight gain thing freaked me out when I saw it at first, but I can totally see what you are saying.

Freaked out a little, is all. I just read a few articles here on weight loss and, again, see what you are saying, see the positive and the person you are, not the "fat man" you think yourself of and that sort of stuff.

Cheers indeed, believe me, I don't take that 50lbs. on my deadlift very lightly, considering I haven't really added to my deadlift (other than that) in almost a year. Haha.


Dude, curls are a perfectly fine exercise that anyone and everyone can do, assuming they are healthy.

DOn't be ashamed of doing them, nor do you have to justify it.

Curl and if anyone gives you lip, tell them to go shit in a hat.


^ Yup. Always do healthy curls. Never the unhealthy kind.


hahahaha there's an unhealthy kind? lmfaooooo

Thanks, again guys.