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Piss Test

I just thought I would share this all of you. I have been off and on steroids for almost 5 years now and been in the Army 7 years. I have taken a lot of UA’s in that time, but never while on anything. I know I should not have nothing to worry about because the are just testing for rec drugs. just the thought of getting caught for the first time scared the living piss out of me.

I have not even been able to focues enough to get a good work out. I and to make thing wores i just recived my next cycle and am kind of worried, I dont know why but I am. I was wondering if anyone out their had delt with this befor. If so what was the out come? thanks for listing this made me feel so much better.


I was in the Army for 7 myself. I dont think u have a thing to worry about unless u are so goddamned jacked a commander becomes suspicious and has u tested for steroids specifically. General testing wont hit that. And if u do get busted, get out and get a job contracting and make more money.

I know i probbaly dont have anything to worry about. But that thought of geting caught is stuck in my head. But. I will feel much better in a few weeks when nothing happens. for the mean time I am just going to keep on lifting.

just light up a j and chill… LOL