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Piss Poor Results Thus Far

150 mg / week for 4 months
anastrozole 1 mg tablet - 3 / week

Total T around 850, Free around 17
ESTRADIOL M/O 42.9 pg/mL

I think I’m on a relatively healthy dose of T but I’m still not feeling great. The worst side effect I’m having is poor concentration. I work in a detail oriented job and I just do not have the concentration I had before I started T. Instead of digging deep I find myself having trouble doing more than skimming emails and things needing analysis. I was expecting the opposite effect.
When I first started the T, i had the initial great effect, was hitting on girls everywhere, outgoing and funny, attracing and talking to young hotties, hooked up with 2 chicks and libido was super strong. But now not so much. A little bit increased, but not worth the side effects (body hair, hair thinning, acne, poor concentration.
I did however just start the anastrozole, so maybe it will take a few weeks for my e levels to drop? who knows.
Just dissapointed thus far, was hoping for the life changing results I’ve read about, and fear I’m approaching the point of no return without good results.

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This is kind of similar to my story so far. Sorry I don’t really have an answer for you.

However, I went too heavy with the AI (aromasin) as soon as I started feeling bloated, and then I felt awful. May have crashed my E2. Started feeling better, got bloated again, nipples have been hard, and then some folks here suggested at 150mg/week I may be running too much. I’ve backed off to 100mg/week for now after skipping a day and have begun feeling a little better.

Anyways, not to steal your post. I’m surprised your TT isn’t higher at 150/week. You should notice the anastrozole pretty quickly.

You’ll also see a lot of people here suggest you lower your T dose instead of using the AI. I’m with those people and am now trying to avoid an AI myself.

Also 3mg of the AI a week seems like an awful lot. I’d consider dropping that before you crash your E2 (way worse than high E2, I know), and lower your dose a bit too.

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Drop your dose to 100mg/wk and stop the AI all together. Your current protocol is a train wreck waiting to happen. It will take over 6 months for your brain fog to lift once you get your protocol tuned in. Just take 100mg/wk and do nothing else. Hormones are not like asprins they take for ever.
If you want to do something else have your thyroid tested, clean up your diet and workout(gym, ride a bike, jog, your choice)

Your problems may not be directly related to your testosterone or estrogen, it could be mineral deficiency, CBC levels are too high for you, it could be many different things.

Your labs are minimal so investigation into the cause is also limited. If your not working with a good TRT doctor, well then you’re just left to figure this out.

Most experienced doctors would know where to look based on symptoms alone. TRT is one of the most complicated areas of medicine most doctors are unable to fully grasp.

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I was doing 100mg a week for 4 months with no AI and felt awesome for 2 weeks, 3 weeks after I started, then back to feeling a little better than before I started. Same when I went to 150. Felt great for a short period of time, then felt a little better than before.

T is not magic fairy dust it is just suppose to make you feel normal. It is up to you to do all the rest.

I like what @systemlord said. Until I had extensive blood work done and found out out I was iron deficient and started supplementing Iron, I wasn’t able to get the full effects of being on testosterone. Started taking iron and now I’m amazing. That one little thing made me feel like trt had zero effect to life changing. My total T & total E are twice yours right now and I feel amazing. Personally If I were you I wouldn’t want to have my T any lower than it is without first checking the other stuff. Estrogen is one of 50+ different things that can make you feel off and your estrogen isn’t even that high.

I would never supplement Iron without a blood test first. Google it. Too much Iron can poison you.

That’s correct. Would be hard to know you are iron deficient without a blood test. Or deficient in anything for that matter.

Well, I just mentioned it because you know Dex there are lots of guys that don’t bother with blood testing. They just read something on the internet and go buy a bottle hoping for the best. One can OD on water-soluble vit’s and you just pee it out. Iron is not one of those.

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feeling normal sounds like the stuff of magic fairy dust; that’s all I’m looking for.