Piss buckets

During my workout I drink around 2.5 litres of water. After my workout I drink another half litre or so with my post workout shake. Then another half litre with my post work out meal.
I work out just before bed time. I end up having to wake up around 3 times during the night to use the toilet, which really disrupts my sleep and I’m sure must have an adverse effect on recovery (I have to walk down 2 flights of stairs and through a really long halway)
Anyone else have this problem?
Should I just drink less water, or does anyone know of any way of strengthening the bladder so that I can hold my water longer without having to use the toilet? or should I just keep a piss bucket in my room?

Put in a catheter. lol.

I have the same issue. I just don’t drink as much as everybody says you should. I’ve tried to and I end up spending all my time in the restroom.

I don’t have a reference, but I know I read a study recently that seemed to indicate a high water intake wasn’t really as beneficial as we had been led to believe. It also said that the whole “you’re dehydrated before you even feel thirsty” thing was bunk.

My suggestion would be to find your own balance.

I’d go with the pissbucket.

Piss buckets can be effective if used properly. They minimize the amount of sleep lost and you don’t get exposed to the bright light in the bathroom. Make sure to disinfect daily.

get a woman that likes “golden showers!”

well, in your case “clear showers.”

Depends…pun intended.

I have had that problem as well. I drink a lot of water throughout the day, but I am always careful to taper off water consumption 2-3 hours before bed, and I have no water in the last hour. So far, this has worked wonders for me, and I doubt that the dehydration at night will be that significant, as your metabolism will slow during sleep anyways. This is also one of the reasons I don’t like to train late at night. It would always mess with my sleep schedule and metabolism.

2.5 liters. That’s a lot. A Gallon is 3.76 liters. You’re telling me you drink nearly a gallon of water working out? Are you working out in the sauna, or just the Sahara? Dude, that seems to be waaaaay too much. Spread it out more during the day, and you won’t have this pissing like a race horse problem.

I drink four liters during and after. 2 of them during with ICE, and 2 of them with a scoop of surge each after. I’ve been getting stronger than ever… I don’t piss that much either – But I do sweat like an asshole all day.

get a room with a window… come on guys this isnt rocket science

piss bucket.

empty gatorade bottle…big opening and a screw on cap to prevent spillage. Works great on long road trips…er…so I’ve heard.

Waterproof sheets.

Magnus – Didn’t you do your last road trip on a motorcycle? Oh, the horror…

Whenever I work out, i drink like 4 to 5 liters of water because of the ephedrine I take before going into the gym. So at night, i usually cut my water consumption off after one liter after the gym, wait a few hours before going to bed and I usually piss it all out in a couple hours. I never wakeup having to pee.

Also, never try to pee while driving a motorcycle, it does not work near as good as peeing out a car window… not that i have tried…

Put a whole in your wall with some sort of tubing going through it. Then attach a funnel and viola! you have a urinal that you never have to clean.

Brider: LOL…yeah, but I did’nt try the gatorade bottle method on that trip, I just stopped on the side of the road and did my thing.

Where the fuck do you live that requires a quater mile trek to piss? I would suggest moving, dam man what do you do with a serious case of the trots?